On the right track!

Before I say anything, I want to say that I am a long time gears player. I have been playing gears since the first installment AND to further prove my credibility… gears of war judgement was an absolute piece of trash that should have never existed.

Anyway lol… I think that you guys at the studio are definitely heading in the right direction! I see amazing potential for this game. Almost everything feels good!

This feels like a true to my heart Gears of War :+1:


Theres a main feedback thread for stuff like this.

And people need to stop saying this. Like it validates you opinion more than someone who just started playing

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It does validate my opinion more than someone who just started playing! The players who have been playing since the first one know what gears is about and how it is intended to be!

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I do agree to a point,It doesn’t mean our “opinions” matter and newer players don’t and thats that…
But those of us who have been playing playing for 10+ years have seen this game go through some crazy stuff…

I personally like this installment the best also …GOW 1 will ALWAYS have that OMG this game is amazing feeling that we all got because there was simply nothing else like it ,but GOW 5 ,is ,to me ,(my opinion) and the OP ,better than any of them so far …

Yesss! Thank you!


One day I’ll get to say I’ve been playing the Gears 5 tech test since July 19th 2019…

Oh wait, today is that day. Ive been playing about two weeks guys. Oh, and I also hit Master rank and re upped so I’m special and should be listened to. :whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale::whale:

Am I doing this right ? :joy:


Pffft! Tech Test is nothing! I’ve been playing Gears since January 2018! I am the OG of OGs!


I feel like this discredits you more than anything.

Just because you hold a long track record and hold a common opinion doesn’t make yours more valid than someone who’s just picked up the game or just started getting into Gears with the fourth game.

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Thanks for the feedback but please post in the official thread.