Omnidirectional rolling on or off

Just curious how people play do you guys keep it on or off?

On, want to be able to roll in diagonals too.

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On, I need a full range of motion to be able to effectively strut my stuff.

Who would even have it set as off, it makes no sense

I have it set to off. Just so I have more control over the bouncing. Had it on On before but the character tend to connect with walls randomly.


Off for bounces. On if you don’t bounce. On typically causes a lot of miss rolls

So some fluent Default/Tourney Default wallbouncers have omnidirectional rolls off… interesting.
And what if want to slide into cover/wall in front of you?
Still may even roll.

It’s said to reduce the amount of missrolls when bouncing

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I keep mine on, haven’t really tried with it off. Ill give a whirl this week and let you know.