Omnidirectional Roll

I play with omnidirectional roll on. Does anyone play with it off? If so, what are the benefits of having it off as opposed to on? I feel like it’s better to be able to roll in any direction but I may very well be wrong. Any input is much appreciated, thanks.

Off - less rolling, better bouncing, imo.


Nice good to know, I play on alternate though and use my paddles on an elite controller to bounce, so my roll and cover buttons are separated, prevents mis-rolling. I tried claw but it’s way to hard to break muscle memory… been playing since gears 1.

I play Default but use LB as an A as well as A.

Thx, I know from your reputation on here that you are a great player, so I’m gonna turn it off for a bit see if it helps. Thanks!!!

No need to turn it off if you’re already on alternate

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K I think I got why it’s good to have it off on default then, with it off u can only roll forward n side to side, so when diagonally wall bouncing it prevents the mis roll from occurring… Got it… Making it useless on alternate. I thought it might have made bouncing quicker or more effective… Anddddd was definitely wrong… Anyway good to know

I play alt and I leave it on. If I were to go default I’d turn it off.

If you want to bounce quicker on alt, you have to use the X (run) at the right times. It speeds it up to default speeds but will mess you up while you learn the timing.

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I have it on using the normal configuration, switching back and from claw when suitable. I tried using LB, but old habits die hard. It didn’t last.

have it on, very useful for getting the first roll on impact so that you aren’t late for the sniper battle.

It allows for easier evades in ANY direction.

Does anyone here use the toggle weapon in settings? It makes the D-Pad cycle only left and right though.

why would you do that?

I don’t, I tried it once thinking it would help in case I switched to wrong gun but didn’t like it. It doesn’t really work with a meatshield.

imagine playing with everything inverted…

Some settings just shouldn’t be used lol

I was thinking about saying it’s more for them :joy:

I remember on ps2 many of the games I played had inverted sticks, I was really good at it

When you use the chainsaw it inverts. I hate that crap. If the stick layout is changed to same way the chainsaw is it won’t do it though. But nobody would ever play with those layouts.

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@III_EnVii_III Holy Crap! I thought i was the only one that did that. Both the LB and A as roll /run/ bounce. Certain shots just feel better with the A button for me. Most of the time I’m using LB though.

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A - because it’s natural after like 12+ years of Gears and plus it’s ok for the quick to medium style bounce.

LB - much faster and more accurate as I can keep thumbs on Sticks.

Unfortunately, I can’t play Claw :disappointed_relieved:

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Exactly, default was so ingrained in me from Gears 1, 2 and 3 that Tournament / LB was the only one i could really adapt to. But with the Elite controller i was happy to keep A there as well for certain situations. I just have tac com on a paddle now.

Claw is a no go for me as well. My buddy plays with it but I find it so awkward to push the buttons with the side of your finger.

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