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OMG! What trash this installment is!

I am playing the campaign on insane and I’ve been losing components along the way I will get components to build Jack’s attributes only to lose the in the acts moving forward. It has happened multiple times already. One time that I recall is I lost my cloaking when I came to the motion sensor turrets and had to go back a previous act in order to do all over again. The next instance was once we got the the ice and Jack finds something in the ice, when we start that next act all my components as well as Jack’s attributes are GONE!!! This is the worst installment you guys ever produced BY FAR I will be taking this buffalo-bull $h}t game back to the store for a refund!!! Do yourself a favor and bring back the Gears4 format or go kill yourself GOW!!! You totally trashed my horde experience as well with this garbage and I was a big fan of horde; do not expect much fanfare on your next installment (Gears6) because you crushed the momentum you had with this installment (gears5) the fact that you have not sent out patches to fix all the glitches in this installment just goes to show your on on your A-game and you do not deserve gamer loyalty. You need to fix this hot heap of garbage and then prostrate yourselves and apologize to your core fans for putting out this game!!!

This Jack(@$$) error is a well known one… :unamused:

This is what I called: " HAVING THE MATH RIGHT " .

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