OMG this took FOREVER TY XP weekend!

Seriously, how did players get to Re-Up 50 before the XP changes? I just got to 60 in the new system, THANK YOU TC for making it less painful with the 7.66x XP.

But yeah, I really hope Gears 6 has no kind of grinding like this or I’ll never play it.I just got to Re-Up 24-25 in the old system when it bumped me to 46 in the new one. 34k XP PER LEVEL before the change l?? Utter insanity.

I’ll play to Re-Up 60, level 100 because I might as well, but it really wasn’t worth these skins. I hope more reason is put into the grind next time.


Well done.

I must admit it did help, I was able to get to Re-Up 44 with the limited time I had over the weekend, from 38.

The rewards are meaningless, I find the Heroic skins hideous. I really wouldn’t be interested in Re-Up levels at all if there weren’t damn achievements tied to them.


With a ■■■■ ton of free time.

I got there last year when things started to shut down and everyone was supposed to stay home :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you wonder. Took me a month and a half of like 10 hours daily doing nothing but load Lethal Engagements, kill an enemy, restart, back to lobby.

And as I told you before, I was obviously listening to stuff so I didn’t die to boredom while doing so. :joy:



TC and Reup rewards have a history of not getting along. They already were not particularly great in Gears 4, mostly consisting of loot boxes at the point of reuppung and credits for each level. And for the Wings you got some weapon skins for 1-5. 6-10 literally just existed for speedrun grinders. Or as TC put it, “Wings 5 is enough of a target for players as it is”.

At least the icons and emblems were better than the rubbish we got in Gears 5.


I loaded up a Horde match with heroic Kait and every single heroic weapon skin and it felt really weird lol.

Just to add a bit more context, TC put in the extra wings in Gears 4 as otherwise once players hit max they couldn’t get credits.

It was a poorly designed system IMO and apparently they only thing they could do was keep pushing a new max rather than having something like the legend system in 5.

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I completely forgot about the extra XP, oh well.

Hmmmm - 1 hour remaining and bonus XP is already down to 383%. Thanks TC, very cool.

I got 3 hours left and boost has gone down to 100% typical TC lol.

Nonetheless, prop’s for getting to 60.

The free boost was given when you logged in for the first time each day of the event and counts down from that moment, not from when the event day resets.

Yeah, I’m aware of this, I am pointing out that it has gone down to 100% instead of giving the advertised 666%.

You don’t seem to be. The event ended 100 minutes ago, so the timeslot for the advertised 666% is over, hence 100%.

Boost only gives access to the bonus XP part of the system. The values TC assign to that bonus part of the system are up to them.

Yet I was playing earlier on before the “event ended” and was only getting 100%.

Fair enough, But that’s now how the above, posted after the event ended, reads.

Thats fair. Ill try to post in a more clear fashion next time. It looks fine to me but thats just me lol.

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It’s over already? They should’ve activated on Tuesday when they announced it, not Friday.

I actually thought about your previous advice, I was sitting on Re up 59 content to leave it there for the weekend, and then I thought about when I do get to it, it’ll take me 6x longer to finish if i wait, so might as well wrap it up.

It took me about 2 hours doing Lethal Engagements to finish up, but I probably saved myself many hours of gameplay by doing so, and earned a million XP in the process. Thanks for the heads up.

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