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Omg, they can't even get update downloads right!

I have my xbox set up to auto update installed games in the background.

I left my xbox on.

I come home expecting to try TU2, but nooooooooooooooooooo…

A big popup on my screen: there is a 2.xGb update for Gears 5, should I download it?

What TF is the point of checking “yes, update games automatically” if the fukcing thing still requires me to manually confirm it??

I donno if this is on MS or TC, but what a crap POS this is!

Fine, GoW4 it is…

This is on top of today’s dev stream which made me realize the situation is largely hopeless, at least re versus , they are lost in the woods without a compass…

That’s unrelated to Gears…

Mine was auto updated when I came home. You’re actually supposed to leave your Xbox in sleep mode…


Might be your Xbox One settings. Auto-update doesn’t work by itself you also need to have ‘instant-on’ as your power mode and make sure ‘turn off storage’ is disabled.

I use to have the same issue as you until I changed these settings.

My auto-update and my squads went just fine by itself so I’d hate to say it’s probably on your end.

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Don’t see how this has anything to do with TC…

It’s an Xbox issue, not a game issue.

Even when it’s not their fault they get blamed for it. Terrific.


Yeah, it’s getting out of hand. Not that TC is making it any better, but still, it’s pretty bad now. Smh.


I spilled coffee on my controller…Fukin TC!!!

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That’s nothing to do with gears, you may have your system settings correct, I have all my settings correct, I have them to keep games and system up to date but for some games for some reason it doesn’t work, most of my games update but some don’t automatically, my bo4 doesn’t like to keep up to date and some others I have have the same problem

My cat broke my controller, guess I better join in and blame TC too, :joy:

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Lmao. I actually laughed at this because it’s true. I got a flat tire the other day and I yelled out looking up at the sky “Damn you TC”