OLED TV burn in

Hi I played GOW5 12 hours a day and now I am getting burn in hub marks all over my OLED TV which cannot be remove (see picture attached). I know that there is an option which I can remove all the hubs during horde but it becomes unplayable and not fun since i cannot even see the active reload bar. I am now planning to buy a new TV and I know I will can the same burn in as time goes. I like to continue playing gow5 so can TC do something to the Hubs ( maybe l

ighten it or make it transparent )so that they are less likely to get burned in? Many thx


This isn’t an uncommon occurrence with OLED televisions. I’ve seen this happen more often with LG than Sony but it happens to both due to the nature of an OLED panel and since both use LG panels.

My advice is to buy it with some sort of protection plan. I work in the field installing and fixing home theatre equipment and an OLED is the only thing I’d buy a protection plan on. I’ve always felt it’s not if but when will it happen. Great picture with way too many risky drawbacks.


Totally my own bad I stressed the a1e too much and being very careless… no one to blam but myself… I just hope TC can be something about this so that this will not hapoen to me again or to other players using OLED TV…


I don’t think I’d ever use an OLED for gaming or anything else. I find it ridiculous any manufacturer would release a television that can get burn in from normal usage. It’s not always a static image caused by you either. Many people experience burn in because of the sliding tickers on news and sports channels.

Hopefully you get a fix. I just don’t think I could spend thousands for the privilege of burn in,


Sony will send a staff to my house to have a look at it. My tv is still under Warrantee but the chance of this being covered is low since most manifactures do not cover burn in in their warranties… except for Samsung QLED…

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Is this immediately after a play session? Some TVs will retain an afterimage for a little while, that goes away after watching something else for a bit.

Kinda shocked a warranty would cover burn-in, as it’s just an inherent part of the technology. I remember when I bought a plasma ages ago, I went through an actual lengthy “breaking in” period, to reduce the risk of burn-in.

Omg I would have a heart attack dude. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Does Samsung’s QLED TVs do this? This is actually pretty unacceptable for the price that is paid for these tvs.

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You should read about some of the early plasma televisions, back when they cost like $6000+. Probably the worst case of being punished for being an early adopter I’ve ever seen. Screens were half-brightness after a couple of years, and you were gambling with severe burn-in if you left it on any channel with a logo in the corner or something, like CNN.

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Do you never use your ultimate in horde? That’s the only one I see burned in (in the pictures) and out of all the HUD elements, that one was the one thing I didn’t expect to see get burned in.

That sucks though. I’ve avoided every piece of tech that runs the risk of burn-in for this very reason.

Thought this wasn’t even an issue anymore after those Plasma televisions back in the day…

It is staying there for a week now… not only that got burned, the upper left and the lower right got some marks too. But guys, I am more on the extreme side cause in am #2 on the world’s more match complete in horde… just 3 matches away from #1. So I do play a lot…

Custom HUD’s should really become an industry standard. Opacity, size, leaving certain elements out.

What TC could do: If you play without HUD the LB/Tac-Com could bring up the HUD so you can turn it on and off with the toggle/click of a single button. This could also be done for Versus.


This wouldn’t be that hard to implement and I think there is a demand for it. I’d love it since I don’t like HUD’s taking up huge parts of the screen. I’m all for a minimalistic approach.

I also have a new OLED and I’m curious how many days youve been playing? 12 hours a day is an extreme case but I’d just like to know where the max is.

Hope you’re able to get it fixed. This is my 2nd OLED and with the first I got some horizontal lines from watching too many wide screen movies, and it came with some mild vertical banding so by the time I got the new one I had a tic tac toe board in the middle of the screen but it was only really noticable with certain backgrounds. This time I went through best buy so I could get their burn in protection which I don’t doubt I’ll need. I could’ve saved $400 bucks on the TV if I went with a Newegg partner and with the $300 warranty $700 total but now I don’t have anything to worry about. Plus I got my first OLED for real cheap and it had really annoying banding issues so I don’t have a problem paying more and having the option of returning the tv back to the store and playing the panel lottery although that wasn’t necessary as I only have very very mild horizontal banding that’s only slightly noticable in lower quality video.

Hi guys, please ready my comment I put on youtube regarding oled burn in. This hopefully will let you understand what is going on. Here is a cut and paste " Most people don’t understand what OLED “burn in” is actually. The term “Burn in” comes from the old CRT monitors that actually had images burned in. ( if you’re my age - 41, you’ll remember old Bank machine screens having the “insert card” text and picture burned in them (monochrome crt screens). OLED “Burn in” is actually just the fact that each OLED pixel is an organic material that has a lifespan in terms of its ability to produce brightness. The longer and brighter each pixel is, the quicker it will degrade. Degrade means ability to produce light. So a completely white and max brightness background would kill the pixels the quickest. The reason why people think its “Burn in” is because the see a tv channel logo remain if they watch that station a lot and figure “its burnt in”. Actually, it’s just because the station logo is brighter than the rest of the image being shown and it stays in one place, causing those pixels to degrade quicker. So ALL OLED screens suffer from this. But it should be called “Pixel death” and not burn in. Just look at any samsung phone. The top portion has a bar across the top that shows the signal, battery etc… it is usually white. Now download a pure white background and display it full screen as a picture and turn up your brightness. Alas, you will see the bar at the top looks a bit darker then the rest of the screen. This is because those pixels at the top are always displaying mostly white. If you leave an OLED TV on 24/7 and display white at max brightness and measure the nits, you will see it is a steady decline in brightness. That is the basics of OLEd technology and why it is very hard for manufacturers to solve this issue. That being said, I still prefer OLED screens, due to perfect blacks, amazing colours and amazing pixel response time. Just let it be known that their brightness will always be best when it is brand new, and will slowly degrade based on individual pixel use!". So the GOW logo is showing because those pixels were brighter and whiter than the rest of the pixels and have therefore lost more of their ability to produce brightness. Hope this helps!!!

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Hard to go back to led after using an OLED. No issues for me, but it’s always a concern. Ive fallen asleep and left it on a static picture a few times. Sometimes the tv will pop up a screen saver, other times it won’t. Guess it depends on the input.

Damn OP, that ain’t even my TV and I’m pissed as hell rn…

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I played #4 for hundreds of hours and never got any burn in on my LG OLED. It was also used as a pc monitor for 8 hours a day, which is even worse for burn in but game me no problems. I think it mostly depends on the model, and a little luck.

Like Krylon mentioned, it’s smart to go with a protection plan on these. I think extended warranties are usually a scam but I got one with mine. Looks like I won’t need it though.

Damn I’m triggered lol. I have an OLED as well but I baby the hell out of it. I game very lightly on it (Mostly just Campaigns), anything repetitive I’ll do on a regular LED monitor. Definitely not doing no 12 hour Horde sessions on it.

Did you know the risks before you bought an OLED? And what model is it? And what do you keep your Brightness at? I’ve heard maxing out pixel brightness causes them to do this faster.

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there are protection plan’s like the GEEKS SQUADS FROM BEST BUY am I correct ?