Old skool gears of war player needing help

Hi all

So where do I start cause it’s giving a headache lol, righty, I’ve lost touch with all the xbox 360 to xbox one world. I have a shed load of data from gears of war 1,2 and 3 on the xbox 360, one gears of war 2 alone I have over 2 gig of stuff one it, season pass and added levels. My son who took over from me in the gaming world has got a xbox one s and I’ve just seen i can download the games on to the xbox one but I want all my old gears of war data from my 360 to the one. How the heck do I do it all. Am needing my gear fix

Anything youve purchased digitally ill be available in the Store ie Season Passes, Characters, skins.

I have golden lancer and that, so confusing lol

Can you download your gamergag to the Xbox one s?
I’ll be honest I’m not sure because when I got my one s I got a new gamer tag and my son keeps my old one on the 360, which he mainly uses for Netflix and stuff

I’m sure it goes by your gamertag.
I pop on gow2 horde now and again on xbox one. I had it on disk on 360.bit on my one I use the digital download I got free with gow4. And that works fine.
Don’t think I have my gold lancer though.

Just had a play on horde on gears of war 3 and my data is there minus the golder lancer, am slowly getting there lol