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OLD account on forums

(SkeletorNJ) #1

Whats up, i logged in yesterday after downloading the game and having so many crashes and freezes and decided to hop back on here. For some reason it made a new acct for me and i cant seem to find my old acct it would be the same Email as well ? how i can try to get it back (Renegade NJ)

(HayMaker304) #2

All new forums buddy. The old ones are gone forever.

You can do some searching and find archives of certain topics but that’s about it.

(SkeletorNJ) #3

thanks man i had no idea it sucks acct was from 2015, if i remember i had one with these forums too tho. From when they switched over to TC i had a different EMAIL tho i cant access that one anymore deleted it .

(HayMaker304) #4

Yea this forum is all generated by your XBL GT.

The gears forums have been through a few iterations in life but this is what we have now.

(vVv Savior) #5

Yeah but how come some accounts get all of their old badges but all of ours were taken away

(SkeletorNJ) #6

I have some of the awards in game they gave out, but no way of getting my old acct back it gave me all my XBOX gears stuff on PC but the forums everything is new for me no badges nothing