Okay TC. You think you can fix this? Can't replicate this, unfortunately

Can you fix the issue where a social game auto ends while you’re at it?




Okay Jimmeeehhhhh. Explain yourself how you did this glitch or bug…

Are you a PC player?

Edit: It happened that I’ve lost control of my character in Escape several times so I thought it’s my mouse acting up.

Yesterday, it happened with an xbox player where he lost control of his character too…

The only thing I can say was that the countdown where all the characters on your team face the camera was zoomed out.

My dad also had issues, but not as bad as me. Everyone on our team had white IFF lights on his screen, except the DR-1, who had red lights. The killfeed had white gamertags, and the scoreboard failed to show our names.

@Dreamz_Maker No, this was on Xbox.

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Then I think it doesn’t have anything with the platform, It happened lately with me from time to time, and yesterday with one of my teammates.

I had this glitch a couple times in gears 4. They ported him over. It’s a feature now :smiley:

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Something similar happens sometimes just when I’m downed by an enemy. Like the game registers a DBNO but I’m still free to move around although the camera controls are pretty much f’d. Just have to wait to be downed again and revived or killed. The difference herr being that my camera usually follows the characters, not in the static position shown in the video.

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Ive had that a few times in ecsape.

Its like that gears 2 glitch that would happen when u spawn with the weird camera.

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Your camera has been detached from pawn.

It can happen after some cinematics (like camera facing whole team before start of match) when after end of that animation Player Camera couldn’t access pawn for attachment. Your player controller class still possesed that pawn so it looks like that.

It could be easily achieved in unreal editor. Mostly after cinematics end, when game could get access to pawn or on purpose.


Reported for standing in spawn and not playing.

Edit: It’s a joke people. I have to laugh at the people that flagged this.


Looks like you’re playing the old resident evils. Xbox Uninstall resident evil tank control patch.


I flagged your report post


In my case, not even death can save me. When spawns swapped, I was killed by the enemy, and I was at the opposite end of the map, with the camera still stuck in the same spot.

Just to clarify for everyone, everything I said here was what my dad was dealing with (he was in the same match).

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For real. No other word(s) needed.

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That happened to me once. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it so I had to quit the match.

Wow, that’s even better then ghostofdelta2’s breakdancing moves!


I don’t know about that. Those moves were mind-bending fantastic. :sweat_smile:

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I know! He was tearing that floor up.

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That’s awesome!