Okay TC, you HAVE to remove power weapons from ranked FFA

Alright, this is just ridiculous man. Like why are you gonna grant people free kills like this? Y’all really gotta take these weapons like this out. For example: Boomshot, Dropshot, Torque bow, frag grenades.Screenshot_20201122-191047

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Why? The game will just become a total Gnasher-fest. And it’s hardly a “free-kill”. It takes some level of ability to grab opportunities like this.


Torque bow,grenades and the dropshot all take relatively decent amount of skill and accuracy to use. They aren’t free kills.

Boomshot is basically a free kill yeah


I don’t really play power weapons in FFA. I would be more open to respawn times being longer personally, but I never pay attention to them that much.

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No it doesnt.

In FFA you often spawn right on top of a power weapon.

In FFA gnasher is the only weapon you have amd basically the only viable way to kill someone. So people are in often groups of 3 or more trying to get a kill.

Its free and easy and takes no skill.

Yeah but when you do grab them it’s basically free kills if you throw frags into a cluster or shoot a boomshot or Dropshot into a cluster like in the picture

They also just give you gnashers and a smoke. I’d want a snub as well but once you introduce no brainer weapons into a mode like ffa then you just make it uncompetitive

This is a non issue and is perfect how it is.

Ppl complain about power weapons as like somebody gets them for free. How about the fights some1 has to take when going for a power weapon? The intensity to fight for a weapon or hinder others to get them? Or how many times ppl waitrd for me to get the weapon and shoot me from behind, which was smart and funny.

What doyou guys want? A one-sided gnasher fest? Some ppl apparently just look for reasons to complain…

And ppl taking advantage of clusters with boom is called smart, even though it pisses me off sometimes. But it is part of the gsme and stay that way. It s called FFA, not GFA. The fact that u can always get killed by power weapons adds a tactical component rsther than clusters of ppl wallbouncing around which with time is rather boring.

We need diversity and different kind of players in this game, with different kinds of skillsets, not 24/7 gnasher fights.


Nice drop shot feed, stop complaining


Yeah I agree, tbh I was pretty salty on how he just jumped from 5th to first. It’s annoying at most, but I do agree with you.

Agreed. Not everyone can get a kill with the Dropshot let alone get a quad.

It’s good to have variety.

It’s just annoying tbh, boomshot should be removed tho, it is just free kills with that gun. I was satly how he just jumped places tbh

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