Okay hear me out I got this idea for Co-OP campaign that is also versus

I know it probably couldnt happen in gears 5 who knows maybe it could be part of some dlc but what if we had 3 teams of 3 playing against each other in levels that are like a campaign so not only would you be fighting each other but youd be on a mission as well, maybe each mission rewards a different skin, maybe of a character each team is racing to capture or get intelligent from, even after you recieve the intelligence it must be brought back to your home base and other teams could stop you on your way there or maybe instead of intell it’s a character you hold as a meat sheild, after winning the match your team recieve that charachter as a multiplayer skin, there could also be weapon caches randomly around the map and thos would have random weapon skins in them or sometimes no skins at all itd just be completely random, and if you find that skin you can keep it for multiplayer whether you win or not, maybe before the match each team can put up skins as something they are gambling with winner takes all, seems like a lot of fun to me, especially with this new map builder thing,

I’d support this. It’d be like Overrun but with more variety in objective.

I remember the original Perfect Dark (N64) having a mode like this. I think it was called Counter-Ops or something. One player goes through the campaign while the second player takes control of the enemies one at a time to prevent Player 1 from completing the level

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