Okay Collation, gears 5 is trash and here's why

Okay, so after finishing the story mode spending time in versus mode (ranked), escape and horde I feel like I already did everything this game has to offer and seeing how I have it downloaded (ult edition owned) I have to say, holy crap, this has to be the worst gears out and I know I’m not alone on this.

Gears of war 5 as of right now is a trash fire and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better any time soon. How and why I feel like this? Grab some popcorn and some drinks because I’ll have to start with Epic games’ gears of war 1, 2 and 3. Then gears game made by people can fly then I’ll land on TC. Now sit back, relax and get ready because I’m about to rip into the game, dear god what have I done with my life.

EG Era (Epic games)

When gears first started back in 2006, it was spare headed by Cliff Bleszinski from what I remember reading the game’s manual is that he had the idea of the game when he was playing a game of paint ball and based the game around that.

Witch it worked, gears of war one was a massive hit even so it had limited content (story mode and versus only) however that didn’t stop the game as the game play was solid even things like host advantage and active reloaded long shots (Always downed you in one hit if active reloaded.)

The story from the game was set years into the locust war as Marcus was taken out of the slab by Dom, his long time best friend from there the game starts off with an optional tutorial letting players pick how they want to learn the game.

After finishing up the story or if you wanted a brake from the game versus mode was the only option you had other then changing the game.What made it work was how high stakes the base versus mode war zone. If you didn’t like waiting in a match, you’d hate warzone. Warzone was high risk, high reward game mode. It demanded players to not only respect the weapons on the field. However also make cover or risk sitting out a round by being the first person to die on your team. Trust me, you don’t want that feeling. As the base game play was the same across the modes with the expedition of assassination/guardian and annex as those game modes allowed re-spawns.

However that forced players who liked playing that mode in rank to start playing with a bit of thought. So they keep a good eye on what’s going on around them to avoid being “that guy” why? Because like I said before host advantage. If the host saw you as a player who dragged down the over all enjoyment of the game better believe that one of three things was going to inevitably happen

1, Get kicked.
2. Host stalls waiting for “that guy” to leave.
3, Start the game anyway and most likely be a target.

All of which sucked because I used to be “that guy” however I like competitive games so I sat down, buckled my knuckles and started working on getting good and when gears of war 2 rolled out I wasn’t “that guy” anymore and speaking of gears of war 2.

Gears of war two dropped in 2008 and it was a step up in terms of looks and game play however the launch was a dumper fire. Long wait times. Disconnections was rampant, bugs that made cheating possible and laggy games left and right needless to say the fans weren’t delighted with it.

However, when the gears 2 sever was fixed the game was fun, the story started off more or less the same having that optional tutorial but other then that the shift onward was great as we even got to kill a massive worm from the inside and ride a ■■■■■■■ brumak and scourge was hand down one of the coolest bosses in video games, sadly he doesn’t get much love (IF there’s a new Killer Instinct game scourge better be on the guest list).

The versus modes also got reworked a tad bit adding a new mode wing man. Where five teams of two battled it out, to see who was the best two man team. Which that game mode was fun and gears 2 also saw the first time horde mode was a thing. Yet the best thing about the multiplayer in gears 2 was the maps and how the weapons made the map work along with weapon shifting/substitutions

As the match played out each round would shift weapon spawns so that players would have to rethink what was the best way to handle the map. This meant that one round the boomshot could be the best weapon and the best counter for it would be the longshot. But then the next round that boomshot is now mortar and the longshot is now a Torque bow.

This means that you’re not trying to counter Boom shot anymore, your trying to counter the Torque bow. And some of the maps in gears 2 handled it well to the point players still want them back maps like Jacinto and River. Being two on my list, in fact that even followed in the map packs later down the line

So over wall, gears 2 started off poorly but then got better over time and became that step up from the first game it needed to be, now on to the final game from epic in the gears story line gears of war 3,

Gears of war 3 was a great game the best in my opinion. I remember playing that game for hours on end and even so some skins felt like they are sponged shots. The game still was great overall. The story was great showing everything they lost, building up to the iconic “that was for dom” stab. Even the ending to the story had a heavy feel to it.

Horde mode got an upgrade as well and a new mode that was a mirror to horde mode. Beast mode, this was a welcome mode from what I remember as it allowed us to play as some of the members of the locust horde. It was only 13 waves if I remember but it was fun for the short amount of time I did put into it. Now it’s not to say the game was flawless, I remember a whole map had to be taken out of versus. Because if you blow up a smoke and then played a piano everyone’s xbox would crash.

(Side rant:Oh and before I forget about the people who did that and found it funny, it was one of my favorite maps in the game. I don’t get why you would crash not only our xboxes but yours as well. I know you thought to yourself “oh ■■■■ this is some classic trolling” when really if everyone know who you were at the time. They would look at your gamertag and see "my mom is my aunt and my I.Q is so low that if you where at the same height as my I.Q any direction you’ll look would be up. This goes for anyone in any game that uses any glitches in ranked matches.)

Even so Gears of war 3 was a great game for the most part, the map packs, story dlc and even some of the skins had been welcomed with open arms because of the Value and content each pack and skin had.

Now for the only gears game that moved far away from what made gears what it was, Gears of war judgement by people can fly.

PCF Bump

Gears judgement, oh boy… GOWJ by people can fly was a bit of a mistake even so it had a bit of what made gears, gears. It has moved so far from the core principle of what made gears game play well, now as a gears game? Judgement fails, it doesn’t work at all, it played more like a mod for any call of duty.

The story felt alight but it could have been in gears 3 as dlc, the same goes for the story dlc. As it’s own game alright.However, judgement did have something I did like. The markza and the breach shot was some of the best rifles I ever used in any game. Also, the rager has to be one of my favorite locust of all time would love to have a rager skin at some point.Overrun was a hit in the game. It was a versus mode version of horde and beat mode made into one I loved it even if it was a bit frustrating.

Sadly it didn’t do too well and other then that there’s not much else to say, and now on to the Current era of gears.

The Coalition (TC)

One of the first gears of war games (that isn’t a remake) by The Coalition was Gears of war four. This game was, really good but had some stuff removed from the other gears games like weapons. A few modes and maps but for was taken things was added, like the dropshot replacing the digger, ink grande was gone but we got shocks in their place.

Gears four also was the first gears mode that had a Tier based ranking system that worked well for the most part. Your placement games could put you in any rank that your skill landed in. Even if your team was dog ■■■■, at least you still got a good to great placement for the most part, well at least to me. Keep that in mind because I’m coming back to that.

The story in gears 4 was great, even so the swarm was a bit predictable. I did enjoy the twist at the end, but the story is just the starter, what abut the Versus? To date I have to say the gears 4 versus mode rivals gears of war 3 and some times does it a bit better.

However, when it came to a few maps, it feel hard and fast as some of the maps wasn’t really built for game modes like team death match and some of the maps needed weapon substitution handled a lot better mercy being the worst of it.

In fact there was a reason that in gears of war 3 mercy’s weapon up top was motor one round then one shot the next. Because both weapons had advantage and disadvantageous at the same time. Yes motor can clear out large areas but unless you can aim it right it’s not doing much in the church. One shot can hit for one kill but if you can’t get a clear shot good luck. If a player can back up their movement, they can and often will run up on you.

Mercy in gears of war 4 that isn’t happening. In fact having it two of the same class of weapons at the top makes that area massive vantage point. Where most of not everyone would just camp on it once they got it. Because it’s being dumb not too if your going for the win, tri-shot and Mulcher would rip people down if they tried to get to it. So most would fall back into the church and then the game would feel like a grind if that happen.

Some of the best versus modes was event only. You needed the season pass for that witch I can give it a pass because you just needed to be in the same party with a pass holder if you didn’t have it plus all of the maps came out for free if you wanted to play them in versus mode, but needed to pay if you wanted to host your own matches with the newer maps.

I think this is because of the loot boxes in the game and the fact that people got the season pass. I feel like the loot boxes was done right. I could get them for free via game play (like overwatch) or just buy them (again like overwatch) .They were skin only loot which good, I hate pay to win so it never really bugged me.

Horde mode on the other hand wasn’t much of a improvement, just added a class system and some crafting so that wasn’t all that fun in fact I hardly played it unless a bounty was worth it. (I,E scrap).

All and all gears 4 was kinda like that leaning point where you’re trying to find out what to do next, sadly what happened next was just… no

Gears 5, when it came out the launch, was a dumper fire, Long wait times, Discontents was rampant… wait… it sounds like it was close to the gears of war two launch, the hell? However now when I look back at it. This launch was WORSE If you couldn’t connect to the gears 2 severs you could still play the other modes just not online. However, gears 5 lol all you had was campaign mode. When I couldn’t get into the severs, Versus, locked, Escape LoCkEd, Horde mode? LoCkEd, oh the fortnite shop worked thought oh wait did I say fortnite. I mean gears 5 shop still though, couldn’t blame for getting it mixed up you know, but maybe the prices are friendly?

Oh wait… what’s this symbol? wait what’s Iron? (getting V buck flash backs here) oh ■■■■… math time.

Okay so Iron worth is as follows, 1 iron = 1 penny. (I.E 100 iron = 1 dollar)

the packs are as follows not including bonuses 500 iron / 1,000 iron / 2,000 iron / 5,000 iron and lastly 10,000 iron. Note: that all iron packs from 2,000 upward you’ll get a 25% bump in iron for buying it however it’s iron you didn’t pay for so will not count it in to the following math

so as of right this post
Daily item = 250
Weekly items = 250 + 100 + 500 + 400 + 100 (total 1,250)
so right now that’s already 15 dollars for 3 skins, one marker, one remote and a banner.

the esport items as of this point is the chrome steel set each at 400 iron (400 x 5 = 2,000 = 20 dollars,)

world flags 700 (18 roles of 4 + one left over) = 13300 or 133 dollars.

total price 16800 iron = 168 dollars

This doesn’t even cover the fact that if your buying something that isn’t a multiplier of 5 you’ll have to buy higher iron pack and most likely be stuck with extra iron you didn’t even wanted witch why? the special offers only take real money so I don’t even get why the iron is even here… it’s like they want people to spend a bit extra.

But hey now that the severs are fixed maybe now I can wait… oof…

So remember the things I said about each gears games versus mode? well gears give kinda said lol no to all of that so lets start with the gun combat notably the gnasher shotgun.

The gnasher shot gun in gears 5 is the worst shotgun I’ve used. In fact it’s not even worth active reloading outside of having the perfect active reload. Cool down done, because you only reload HALF of the ■■■■■■■ thing. I tested this in a live ranked game. The damage feels like I hit people with a wet nerf round half the time as people roll into my blast at point blank then Mister T-500 eat it then forces me to eat death as it laughs at it me for trying.

On some of the maps weapon substitution is a joke, as on some of the map. They both share the same weapon type, so if a sniper has the hold. Then it would make sense for it to have a disadvantage like I said before? Nope, Drop shot can still get countered by the Ember and boom can be counted by the long shot, why? Because both the snipers round travel faster then the power weapons.

However, if your team is just as skilled as the other team, then that’s just one of many options you have right? Oh wait…That’s wrong because the ranking system is also ■■■■■■. See it doesn’t matter how well you do because for some reason no matter how well I did in my five placement games. I get dropped in silver. There are games where I carried my team to a win or got MVP on a loss. With each of my game having a point average of 850 points or more per and running around with a quint ribbon in a few of them oh… here’s silver one.

I bet a lot of people felt cheated and seeing how gears 4 ranking system worked better then 5. I can see why people have been going and because everyone gets drooped in silver for some reason. It means that the ranking in silver DON’T match up with the skill of the players making climb hell.

So wait why did they do this? oh wait they wanted to have new players have chance by lowering the skill gap… So I guess the coalition didn’t see the hell that was the launch of street fighter 5?

If you look up old video on Street fighter 5 from launch to the end of season 2 long time fans and pro players of street fighter HATED street fighter 5 and if you look at what people are saying about gears 5 a lot of will overlap.

The sad thing is casual players don’t stay for the game play it’s content and just like street fighter 5 on launch gears 5 lacks content. Yet changed the core principle of how gears of war played as a game to the point, gears 5 doesn’t feel that much like a gears game. In fact my cousin just told me, he’s done with gears 5, it’s awful. Hell in fact we played the camping from start to finish on insane and we didn’t even get our achievements.

So in short, gears 5 walked down a path that it shouldn’t have gone down. Because of the coalition making changes or Microsoft forcing them to do so. I’m not sure and I don’t care. What I do know is that this game needed more time in the oven. Seeing how problem from the beta showed up at launch I guess I can’t be too shocked at it. Betas aren’t betas anymore. They are limit time demos.

Tl:dr : Gears five is trash because instead of making sure the game play is polished and plays well for returning players. They moved them to the side tried to change the game into something it’s not nor can ever really be. By changing the base game play, weakening weapons, having a shop that doesn’t even seem to respect users all. All because they wanted new players but lacked extra content that could have made them stayed.


Yes agreed TC just rides the hype that Epic Games created. This franchise sucks now


I don’t know if I agree or disagree with it, I just know the OP would do well to condense his thoughts. This is a forum not a book club.


Frankly, this is probably what the forum needs. Small little paragraphs for people to read.

As clearly, people just saying “Alright, the game is ■■■” isn’t working at the moment it seems.

I am lost

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People need to step up and say Gears UE Windows 10 is broken, it needs a fix :frowning:


re judgement.

campaign was pcf, mp was ALL epic ALL the way.
campaign was good ( if confused lore wise) mp was the dumpster fire and is all epics b team devs ideas for gears rolled into one.


The game is awful. Since they secretly changed the ranking system with no announcement. I’m assuming it has something to do with easier match making dumping all player skill level players in silver and robing people of player skill points. Your getting cheated. It’s obvious by looking at the most ridiculous micro transactions in this game is the worst ever in gaming history they just flat out don’t care. Time to dump this bad habit and get ready for Modern Warfare 4!

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When I started typing this up, I kept that in mind to make each paragraph as small as I could and placed the TL;DR at the end because putting at the start often has things lost in translation while at the same time making sure to talk about the older games to have a point of comparison.

I like gears I do so to see gears 5 like this hurts, so to the people who see this as too long, It has to be this long when you’re making statement like the one I put in the title.

Que nesesito

God do you kids stop with these threads. If you hate the game over a month already MOVE ON and let the people who enjoy it enjoy it. Unless you have nothing better to do of coarse.


But um, it IS a forum tho so. You know

Yes, I said it’s a forum. Very observant of you.

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I think the gears 5 campaign is very good. I think ranked pvp should get rid of the aim assist because it is too much on this game. I think the servers need to be strictly separated so nobody is expected to play ranked matches on 130ping. I think the store needs some decent stuff and iron should be earned by playing matches with the option of buying more if people choose rather than being forced to spend money if you want a store item due to barely any iron being earned in game. Escape isn’t great. Ultimately I would be happy if aim assist was off and the servers for ranked were not 30ping one game and then 130ping the next game

You know If people are saying the game is bad by the large numbers, then maybe, just maybe it has some problems with in the game that hurt the game in a fundamental way some of which I touched on in my original post, because gears five could have been great if it worked on what works in gears and found away to give us a new and improved game.

That didn’t happen what we got was a game made brash changes and added freemium store store in a 60 dollar plus game.

And you know even so the game is trash to me guess what I still play it, why? because pass the poor weapon placements, weapon substitution, nerf-ing the gnasher to the point where a simi-perfect active reload only reloads half the shotgun I still see a game that can be what it should have been.

But this is a forum so if anyone has a counter point that I’m missing in all of this tell me, that is the point of a forum after all.

You should add to the Judgment section that Epic did the multiplayer for that game, not People Can Fly.

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You think that their maybe a reason for all these threads? There not bashing the game because a TC member stole their girlfriend, it’s because there is serious issues with the game and if all you see is people complaining about the game all signs are that the game has problems problems that really shouldn’t be problems

But hey if the game has problems let’s all not say anything and enjoy a ■■■■ game that will never get better, you realize that’s how it works right? Devs aren’t going to change a game if no one says anything, people are voicing out to keep them to a promise that they gave us

”The best iteration of gears yet!”

If you make that type of statement people are going to call you out when you put out a game like this for full price when EU cant even have an online experience after there so called “silent update”

And if you get sick of seeing these posts then you should probably leave because 99% of posts are complaints, after all like you said you should be enjoying the game.


Man we play this almost for 14 years so shut the f up if u dont now way they stand up.

Damn your cousin has quit the game?

I read it all

Ok but it’s people just saying I hate the game it’s the worst gears ever. And they say it everyday. What is that doing? Is that constructive feedback to make the game better? No cause people only have a one way mind of thinking. If you have problems with the game then express them and help make the game better not just say everyday I hate this game like that helps anyone.

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