Ok with only 8 Base COG previously playable characters left to join Gears 5 roster rank your top 5 to return sooner

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This a good list to work from please TC

(Top4) COG picks

Aaron Griffin

Last Seen

Jace Stratton ——————-- Gears UE
Chairman Prescott ————-Gears UE
Adam Fenix ———————— Gears UE
Michael Barrick ——————Gears 3
Alicia Valera ——————— Gears 3
Sofia Hendrick —————— Gears Judgement
Ezra Loomis ——————-- Gears Judgement
Alex Brand ————————Gears Judgement

Beast Rider ——————- -Gears 2
Skorge —————— Gears 2 Multiplayer Version
Golden Hunter —————-Gears UE
Hunter —————————-Gears 3
Hunter Elite ———————Gears UE
Miner —————————- -Gears UE
Golden Miner - —————-Gears UE
Golden Miner ——————-Gears 3
Savage Hunter —————- Gears 3
Savage Marauder ———— Gears 3
Spotter ————————— Gears UE
Rager-(Before rage) ——-Gears Judgement


& other versions of characters that we got to play as also.

Last Seen

Dominic Santiago - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Augustus Cole - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Damon Baird - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Garron Paduk - (V-Day)=(Gears Aftermath)
Unarmored Marcus - (Gears UE)
Augustus Cole - (Judgment)
Tai Kaliso - (Jungle)=(Judgment)
Onyx Guard Male - (Judgment)
Onyx Guard Female - (Judgment)
Jack - (Gears Tactics)
Reyna - (Gears Tactics)


Both are Gold Miners Gears 3 & Gears UE
Skorge Gears 2 Multiplayer Version

They need to bring back Valera. Gears is a sausage fest!

Victor Hoffman
Jace Stratton
Chairman Prescott
Adam Fenix
Michael Barrick

Those are my top five COG characters I want to see return, with Prescott being the #1 choice for me.

Chrome Steel Golden Hunter

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Savage locust drone
Savage locust grenadier elite
Savage marauder
Savage boomer
Savage Theron
Golden hunder
Golden miner
Golden gear

Please :sunglasses: the savage ones are probably the best looking locusts going.

cog characters we can probably guess. I’d imagine Hoffman, Oscar and Hana cole will arrive and maybe another few from the past.

I hope to see op6 to see my list go down.

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One day,

I hope for a Gears with:

EVERY Character


EVERY Weapon Skin,


  1. Sofia, ive been on a judgement craze recently so having her back would be great. her voicelines werent anything special but maybe they could spruce her up a bit like they did to Ben Carmine
  2. V-Day Dom, we had zombie dom but it wasnt the same, plus farmer dom looks great in this game and that face is gears 3s Dom. they did great with remastering that look of him so i think having his 3 armor would look really good
  3. Barrick, i liked how he went down in the comics, super cool and i liked that TC gave him a collectible in the camaign
  4. Valera, Gotta have Zeta team back,
  5. Golden Gear or just COG Gear Id say either, i liked that armor set and hopefully they bring back the classic voicelines
  1. Alex Brand - I’d want one that was different from Judgment’s though. Older, longer hair and scarred.
  2. Michael Barrick
  3. Sofia Hendrik
  4. Golden Hunter
  5. Golden Miner

3 Different Characters all Voiced by Laura Bailey lol really doubt it as it pushes Kait away from the spotlight :rofl:

Prescott will likely get his Tactics VA which is a shame since I liked his GoW 3 voice

Oscar… Idk I can see them giving him his new voice mixed in with the old one which would be pretty funny. Tbh I really hate his new Voice

Bernie will have Sam’s roll sound of course


I do prefer his 3 voice but the tactics version doesnt sound half bad. i kinda like it, and I mean with Bernie they mixed Sams and her voice lines together no?

Judgment Alex Brand is hardly an apt representation of her character so a new VA would be welcomed with open arms from me at least.
As much as I like Laura Bailey, we get enough of her in Kait and Valera - I could understand using the old Valera lines seeing as her first and last appearance was in 2012 and there honestly wasn’t much character definition for her.

Liam O’Brien for Prescott all the way imo. 3’s wasn’t bad but me weeb, me like edgy man voice.

Aaaaaaand I completely forgot about Oscar… thanks TC. (Gears 4 VA was vastly superior).

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I don’t really see why we don’t have Sofia here yet with Paduk around, but I guess there could be a variety of reasons for that like voice actor availability.

Perhaps a Judgment OP would be nice, which would include Sophia, Ezra and the Rager. I’m not a fan of the latter, but there is quite some interest in it to be included. We’re also running low on the inclusion of new Locust characters.

I see some people arguing that we won’t get Valera and/or Alex because Laura Bailey’s the VA for them, but that is a rather lame argument. Given, you can fairly easy pick out it’s the same VA but I’d argue it actually makes it cheaper and more efficient to include them: after all Kait’s the protagonist so they could have already arranged it in the beginning or contact her fairly easy. Having a VA voice multiple characters also isn’t unique, for example Sid haves the same VA as Ezra.

The ones I’d like to see:

  • Adam Fenix
  • Alicia Valera
  • Hannah Cole
  • Alex Brand
  • Ezra Loomis
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This. Every new game shoud have every character from previous games available.

Just copy and paste previous characters and lines and add them to the roster. I will happily take all previous characters from all previous games like this. I don’t need new lines for old characters.


People would still call it lazy that they don’t have new lines. Anyway all the characters will need to be updated for the next gears. In the end of the day characters don’t really mean that much, we have a lot of characters already and some characters I barely see used online.

Players will bad mouth TC regardless of what they do lol. Besides my point is more towards previous characters appearing in new games and not the copy and paste option. If TC were to do that I wouldn’t complain one bit lol.

The Op might disagree with that comment lol. Also with the backlash TC got in the beginning for lack of characters I woud say they mean a great deal to alot of players.

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No they didn’t. She just has Sam’s grunts, which was a thing in Gears 3.

Actual spoken lines are 2 different voices.

ahh i see ty :slight_smile:

Just make it a Heroic at that point.

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