Ok, where the hell is Reclaimed WIndflare?

I have 95% of Tour De Force completed. Reclaimed Windflare is the one map I haven’t played on yet.

I have been playing Versus for literally months and I have never once ever seen Reclaimed Windflare as an option. On the rotation page (https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/gearsofwar4/maps) the map isn’t even listed anywhere.

What the hell is going on? I know I shouldn’t be surprised at this point with the utter incompetence The Coalition has displayed over the last couple years, but this is beyond.

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When I was last playing TDM (more than a month ago) it was coming up regularly in the rotation. A few times in koth too.

Played guardian on it a couple days ago.

Even when if does come up good luck getting people to vote for it especially if something like clocktower, checkout or blooddrive pop up. You might have better luck playing VS bots on normal or higher this way you have a better chance at getting in your own room

I’ve played several Reclaimed WindFlare maps in TDM.

It’s not a popular map so the rotation bot rarely throws it in

I’ve seen it in Co-op vs AI before when I was mopping up some achievements, Tour De Force included. It was the last map I needed as well.

I would not complain if they got rid of it…

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i played on it last night on king of the hill

So I’m just extremely unlucky, then.

I’ve mostly been attempting it on vs bots for the exact reasons given above but it has NEVER appeared once to me.

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I haven’t seen it either…@ 95% , and looks like I’m gonna stay at that.

I played on Windflare a few times in the last few days since I reinstalled, just played on it earlier tonight in Quickplay.

I thought they got rid of the map rotation a long time ago and just went with all maps, and depending on the votes, certain maps will just be less likely to show up, but still have the possibility.

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still hasn’t shown up…:roll_eyes:

It came up as an option in Ranked Versus for me and a few friends. We didn’t vote for it though… :neutral_face:

this map just doesn’t show up!!! I paid for the season pass and I have it…so why doesn’t it spawn???

You should see it in Private Versus and Private Horde.

If you’re trying to get Achievement done, then Reclaimed Windflare does appear on Public Versus. It’s just RNG.

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I’d say the best bet is to search for a match in Social until you’re placed into a match with this map. No one votes for it in ranked due to the elemental effects which can have a negative impact on a team trying to fight back or break a ring quickly.

Played it with @III_EnVii_III yesterday. Its as bad as I remembered