Ok so this is a weird one

I bought the Academy Anthony skin today knowing I eventually have to complete the Totem for the character. I hadn’t even it started it yet.

Well…I can somehow use the skin, and it’s saying the Totem is already completed.

You might be asking yourself ok well then why are you complaining lol…well bc I can’t use the base skin. It’s greyed out. Already tried restarting the game too.

So yeah…this is a weird one. Any suggestions?


Can the totem be equiped and does it track progress?

Play and enjoy?

Could finally be the response to all the complaints. Actually, not a bad idea. You still need to work to use the base skin, but if you drop the money you can use the alternate skin right away. Incentivizes buying skins but also doesn’t devalue working for those characters.


No, I can’t equip it. It says the character is already unlocked.

I think you’re missing the point.

Yeah that would be great except that’s not what’s happening here.

Normally you can still “equip” totems that have already been completed from the Totems menu; and sometimes even though I’ve completed totems or unlocked characters the progress bar still pops up from time to time. Does that do anything?


Yeah I can technically still equip it. I’ll see if it starts tracking if I do this, although it doesn’t seem likely bc it says I already unlocked the character.

I didn’t miss any point.

You asked what should you do.

I answered.

I’ve purchased characters and stilll completed the totems.

No big deal, but let’s make a post anyhow.

I think you’re confused.

I cannot complete the Totem bc it’s already showing as completed. Therefore I cannot obtain Armored Anthony Carmine. Even if I equip the Totem, it’s not tracking XP.


Well, that’s a very interesting solution to the problem. Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but if you knew the punishment for buying before earning it is you lose access to the base skin would you have still bought? (Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s probably an unintended side effect of something they changed, and you’ll end up getting it later on anyway.)

Ok, I understand now. Never seen that before.

Mine say completed but still track.

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Quit the game completely, restart your machine and relaunch the game. That fixes my totem issues 100% of the time.

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Unfortunately I tried that…didn’t work

@Slipping_Flames @Bleeding_Pepper

So after about 10-15 matches, it showed up on the post match result screen tracking XP. Something finally kicked it into gear. I still can’t view progress on the Totem screen, but this is a good sign. Gonna grind out the 30k XP and hope it works.

I’ll update here.

@Slipping_Flames @Bleeding_Pepper

I can confirm the character eventually did unlock when I hit 30K XP.

I guess we can log this one under yet another Gears 5 glitch…lol.

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