Ok seriously, why does the MS Store not have a check for update button

Instead I have to fiddle around till it notices a game actually needs an update.
Jeez, the store is the most braindead thing I’ve ever seen, even Steam is sane compared to that…


If it’s any help.


I agree it’s ridiculous. Even my older brother pointed it out on how stupid it is and Steam already detects a update and downloads it instantly or by your preference update the game automatically on a set day


Sadly I don’t see that option.

I feel like I won the lottery, this “Get Updates” button actually worked this time:


For me it is only show a list of my other devices.

According to that page everything is up to date.

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Well it did update the Ms store and the xbox game bar that way :slight_smile:

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Sometimes Gears updates refuse to show on Xbox until I do the old switch it off and on again. Could potentially work for PC too, not that I have any experience with the MS store of that platform.

Gears 5 is not even my owned app list. Except the pre-order and the Hivebusters.

Yeah, last time, OP8’s update, I think I had to launch and kill the game, update the Store app, and restart the PC before it picked up the game needing an update. That was my experience, YMMV.

Restart, I guess that is what I am gonna do.
Turn it off and on lol

Well that didn|t work.
And people complain about TC…
I wish we could abolish those crappy stores, including, Steam, and go back to saner times when the actual application did the update and it was voluntary.

Okay. The first device is that I use currently.
If I try to install the game then it is finishing it in a few… seconds!? :thinking:
After that, according to the game, there is a new update… :roll_eyes:

aaand it decided to reinstall the entire game instead

After I had updated the Windows, I could start the update of the game as well… 5.58 GB…

Having the same problem…

Anyone else’s update super jumpy? Mine has jumped from 64kb/s to 10mb/s and back. Sometimes goes down to 0 for a few secs, then BAM back up in the MBs. Usually stays in the 200-700kb range. Now has settled into 300’s again. I think my connection is good. Pages are loading instantly. 60 down, 160 up on speedtest. Steam and Uplay downloads have been much faster and more consistent for me.

What it displays ‘mb speed and total download’ isn’t quite right that’s also why the download % dares to do weird jumps. 'Like going from 4.50 GB downloaded to 6.13 GB downloaded in a matter of seconds while it took 10 minutes to download the first 4.50 GB.