Ok, real talk. I need to say this

Why does Marcus sound fat, or like he’s getting punched in the stomach when he rolls? It’s been like that since Gears 3 and I don’t know why.

It’s from when he and Dom were inside the rift worm and swallowed a load of blood. It really affected his lungs and he’s never managed to get over it which causes all the strange noises.

Or Marcus is just getting fat.


Sounds fat lol That’s funny man, got quite the chuckle from that


Yeah cos fat people sound a particular way. They don’t sound like normal people you know! :wink:


I mean, perhaps by huffing and puffing?

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The voice actor put on weight, you can hear it in a lot of things. Plus, in all fairness, Marcus is old now, so it’s not as easy for him to be keeping up with the bots and grubs now.

I haven’t played him yet, so I’ll have to check it out next session.