Ok, just got GoW5 want to start Horde. Vet from GoW4

Made wings 2 on public. Preferably Scout but could play any class. What are safe starting roles as this new one seems way different. I dont want to be “that guy”. Also, what roles to avoid until familiar?

Demolition and all the Promos

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Gow4’s card and class grind was NOTHING compared to the grind of G5…

My advice is, you need to figure out what type of game play you like and focus on a class which does that…

There is no scout class (collecting energy, etc). There is a class which runs around and kills tjings up close with a gnasher…

If you liked being a heavy there is Demo for boomshot and lancer gl, Tactician for Boom, Pilot for Dropshot

If you liked being a sniper, Marksman is super powerful.

If you liked soldier for rifles, then you want Veteran. If you liked soldier for frags, then Slugger

If you liked engineering, Mechanic…

Etc, etc…


The days of leveling the fabricator and spamming sentries is over!
Wires are life.
Wires are love.
And weapons lockers are pretty.


Speedy replies! Ill try a few of those and play as suggested within each. Beginner it is for now.

I’m too tired to be bothered to make a super ultra long, detailed post so here’s some general pointers for a start. Perhaps @Bleeding_Pepper would like to step up here.

Easiest classes to play imo would be the Demo(although boring and very locker reliant without a grenade build, doesn’t have a great reputation with some due to people being overly liberate with their explosives, wasting them on a Juvie or Leech and generally if present being considered as the main boss killer, so maybe be wary of it) and Tactician(basically a less hard hitting Demo but can get free explosives from their ult), their core principle is to shoot the enemy with an explosive and watch it go boom. Works best once you have the explosive bleed card for either class unlocked. Shouldn’t be difficult to pick up as a beginner so long as you don’t get yourself shot up all the time. Just don’t go GL or frag spamming, some hosts will not like that.

Marksman with decently leveled skill cards is also a decent pick if you have good sniper aim. Alternatively the Nomad also functions with a sniper build but requires more highly leveled cards.

Make sure you have the most relevant class skills unlocked and at a decent level before attempting higher difficulty levels, though this should go without saying. The main issue here is getting those cards leveled up after unlocking them, as it is quite a grind. Please don’t do Clock or Surge speedruns in Escape unless you think you have a good idea of what a class does and how to use it, though.

I would not recommend trying the CQC classes right off the bat, especially on high difficulty settings, unless you are very good at that in games in general, even though they can also be quite a bit of fun. Also may or may not be more reliant on higher leveled skills than other classes. If you insist, however, I would go with the Infiltrator first as I would say it is more forgiving than the others, while not being super easy to use either, as it is primarily shotgun focused and has a cloak ability. But all the CQC classes are viable to use in Horde, some better than others. Also try to avoid getting chainsawed or Boomshotted in the face while using them. The former being much easier to avoid than the latter.

Don’t waste your time with promotional classes initially. Other than the Slugger, they don’t quite stand out enough from the other roles or are good enough to be worth considering over them. And Slugger is mainly a grenade planter/spammer so nothing particularly special to be found on it that other classes don’t do better either.

Engineers haven’t changed too much from Gears 4 to 5, but a few things about barrier placement and the use of Sentries have changed, as MGs no longer are the tools of destruction they were and most explosives no longer damage barriers, significantly increasing their durability. And anything destroyed can be rebuilt before a new wave starts, rather than dropping a stack of power, so it is easier to spread a whole bunch of them around the map without losing coverage. And as mentioned, fabricator levels are gone. Everything starts from level 1 and can be upgraded as you wish, or not.

Torque Bows and Dropshots no longer one shot every boss enemy with a direct hit/headshot. Comparatively minor detail but still worth knowing.

Classes also have perks now that can be used to either increase your own survivability or to kill the enemies faster, boost your ult or make it come off cooldown faster. Costs power to upgrade but in most cases definitely worth the benefit. Which perks you use also depends on the build you may be running on a specific class.

Last but not least, some people still refer to classes by character names as they were tied to one another prior to Op 5. Here’s a list.

Lahni - Blademaster
JD - Demolition
Kait - Infiltrator
Fahz - Marksman
Paduk - Nomad
Lizzie - Pilot
Clayton - Gunner
Cole - Brawler
Marcus - Veteran
Mac - Anchor
COG Gear - Combat Medic
Del - Mechanic
Jack - still is Jack
Keegan - Tactician
Baird - Robotics Expert
(Not so relevant ones below)
Emile - Protector
Kat - Architect
Sarah Connor - Slugger
Grace - Striker

And while it’s not a perfect time to come in, it’s certainly much better than when the game launched. Balance wise the PvE only really started getting good/great in Op 4/5.


Play Blademaster. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Once you learn the basics of melee combat you will be dominating every single enemy in the game except for a Kestrel.

Blademaster is really fun, interactive, thought-provoking and is one of the best classes in the game. Id say easily in the top 3.


Depends on your style. Alot of lobbies appreciate having a high-damage class in it, so Demolitions (explosives). Infiltrator (shotguns), Tactician (explosives), and Marksman (sniper rifles) tend to be appreciated. Also as they’re older launch classes, more people will have maxed them out and want to play as other classes instead.

Gunner is great as a tanky heavy weapons user. Anchor works well with the Boltok and with the right perks can be very self-sufficient (ammo regeneration and damage resistance).

Blademaster is a fun melee class, but relies on good movement and awareness.

Mechanic seems to be the more popular and conventional engineer, but Robotics Expert can be rewarding as once you unlock and level up cards, it rewards sniping with the ability to repair fortifications.

JACK is great for a support-medic type. Hijacking enemies is fun too, but you’d ideally need to unlock some relevant cards down the line to really excel.

I guess if you’re starting out and playing on lower difficulties to level up classes and skill cards then team composition shouldn’t be too much of a biggy.


Guys, tell him about the perks in Horde.


as you can tell there is a much greater variety of classes to choose from…

But there is a down side to this too… To enable just a big population of classes, and attempt to make them stand out, TC micromanages weapon assignments/perks on an incredibly annoying level.

This doesn’t matter on low/medium diff levels, but once you hit the higher levels (Incon or Master) you HAVE TO use the weapon your class was “meant” for, since that’s the only thing which will do any meaningful damage/impact.

For example: if you like the Boomshot, the best class is Demo, with Tactician a not-too-distant second… BUT the other two kinda explosive classes (Gunner and Pilot) - nope, you don’t want to waste your time with a Boomshot, except for highly specific situations (bastion shields).

If you like the Dropshot (my fave weapon from GoW4), you HAVE TO play as Pilot - beause that class has the combination of skill cards and perks which make Dropshot a highly effective weapon. Using it with anyone else, MOSTLY, will be sub optimal…

If you like Torque, for example, Gunner is the class to use… Sure, you CAN use it as Demo or Tactican, BUT really, there are much better weapons to use as those classes, so being a Demo running around with a Torquebow is likely to get you kicked…

etc, etc, etc…

There are, usually, different ways to play most classes, but those typically deal with choose between styles, rather than very different weapons…

I think the biggest range is the Demo, between the tied-to-lockers-spamming-from-a-distance build, and the run-around-each-wave-plant-frags-and-throw-frags-like-a-maniac build :slight_smile:

I see you looking at me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Koty is setting you up! He just makes it look easy.


Anyone can play Blademaster and succeed just need to get out of their comfort zone and practice a little.


He only suggests Blademaster all the Time.

"What is the Easiest Class to play?

Koty said “Blademaster”

“What is the suggested Class to play in Escape?”

Koty: “Blademaster”

“What Cards are you using Marksman?”



Its crazy, I think I have more issues with Elite Drones and Therons than Scions. I really gotta step up my CQC game.


I’d also like to add a little bit to OP so I’m not completely derailing. Something that really helped me out with Horde was finding a class I liked and sticking with it. In GoW4 it was Sniper so I carried over to Marksman in this game. It took a LONG time to get used to the HP values but with trial and error and more experience I got really comfortable with it.

That’s really my main advice, pick a class to master, learn about all the aspects of horde and THEN look into the more advance aspects of it. You’ll generally learn alot about horde the more lobbies you get into meeting new players and playstyles.

If you ever wanna party up feel free to add me.


Depending on the Class :wink:

The Old Thread on details in what Perks the Class has

This is the Basic Concept of Perk Up in Different Classes:

Perk-Reliable Classes (Must)

  • Blademaster, Anchor, Pilot, Tactician

Perk-Slighly Reliable Classes (Optional - for Higher DPS)

  • Marksman, Nomad, Infiltrator, Demolition, Gunner, Brawler, Veteran, Combat Medic, Robotic Expert, Slugger, Protector, Striker

Perk- Non Reliable Classes (Not Necessary)

  • Jack & Architect

I will talk about the Details in “Perk-Reliable Classes” only because it takes too much my Effort to talk all of the Classes mostly using 24 hours to make it.

Blademaster:Melee Bleeding Damage (Must Lv 10) > Damage Resistance (Must Lv 10) > Movement Speed (Optional) > Health Regen (Optional)

  • His Damage has 85%~90% comes from Bleeding Perk (Lv 10). His Damage Resistance (Lv 10) is also helping him for stability.

  • In Regular Horde (50 Waves), use one Perk on Melee Bleeding Damage at the start and then Deposit for Base Setting. One Perk on Bleeding & one Perk on Damage Resistance.

  • In Freezy (12 Waves), Never Deposit until you Maxed Perk on Damage Resistance & Bleeding Damage. Lv 4 Bleeding Damage + Lv 4 Damage Resistance after Wave 1.

Anchor:Ammo Regen Perk (Lv 8) > Damage Perk (Lv 10) = Critical Perk (Lv 10) > Damage Resistance (Lv 4)

  • Anchor Damage normally comes from Boltok’s Bleeding Damage. Ammo Regen is the same Speed as Lv 4 Locker without any Engineer’s Overclock Card. The regen speed on Boltok is very fast, and Lv 8 can let you have infinite ammo.

  • With his Ultimate - Shield - bringing the Harness Energy Card - I consider him as a very Safety Class that can not perk up the Damage Resistance first, so the Damage is the Second Priority on Perking. If you’re good at headshot, then Critical Damage is suitable for you. If not, you can perk the “Damage Perk” as the Damage Perk is applied to All Weapons.

  • In Regular Horde, you need to have at least Lv 5 Ammo Regen Perk that you have enough Ammo for Boltok for Fighting. Normally, I would try to store some Energy for Perking and then Deposit the Rest of them for Base Building. In Freezy, you can Deposit 2000~3000 for Base Setting, and then you can Perk the Ammo Regen after Wave 1.

Pilot:Ammo Capacity (Lv 10) > Damage (Lv 10) > Ultimate Cooldown (Lv 10) >>> More Health (Very Optional - Useless in Freezy)

  • With the Hammar Card (Unlock in Lv 16), this becomes the Main Damage Source on Pilot. Ammo Capacity can increase your Capacity to 100%, which mean if you have 4 Bullets of Dropshot, you’ll have 8 Bullets of Dropshot once you Perk up to Lv 10.

  • Damage Perk is for highest DPS for Dropshot that you can kill Enemy except Scions with Perfect Active Reload. With the Ultimate Cooldown Perk (Lv4 -6), you can recharge your Ultimate very Quickly using the Dropshot.

  • In Regular Horde, Pilot isn’t suggested for Early Perking (before Wave 10). However, Freezy does also because you need a Lv 4 Locker, so you need to Deposit your 10,000 Energy at the Start.

Tactician Explosive Build:Resupply Explosive Ammo (Lv 10) > Cooldown on Kill (Lv10) > Assault Rifle Damage (Useless) > More Health (Useless)

  • Resupply Explosvie Ammo (Lv 2~3) can regen 1 Boomshot during your Ultimate (12 seconds). Therefore, you need to have at least Lv 9, but mostly Lv 10 this Perk for resupplying 3 Boomshot. In Lv 10 Resupply Explosvie Ammo, it’s very different from Lv 9 because you can spam your Explosive no matter GL Grenades, Salvo, or Boomshot / Dropshot without any Hesitation.

  • Cooldown on Killing - This is used only when Enemies are Marked by you only. If you don’t Mark people, you won’t gain any Benefit by perking this. Therefore, to foster your Habit of Marking Enemies, which is very important especially Tactician is about killing the Enemy on Marked Enemies, which will recharge your Ultimate Cooldown for 5 Seconds. Don’t underestimate this 5 Seconds. A few of Juvies can literally help you recharge up quicker.

  • In regular Horde, it depends on whether you would like your Locker or not. I don’t use Locker for Tactician, so I’ll use the Method like Blademaster, which is Perking and Deposit the Rest of them for Engineer’s Base Setting. However, in Freezy, I perk up the Resupply Ammo Regen perk on Lv 6, and then maxed it as fast as Possible to maintain your DPS. Cooldown on Killing Perk I would like to suggest perk up to Lv 5 is most effective that can save the Energy for Base Setting.

TLDR:FXXK OFF - Theroy on playing the Classes don’t own this System :smile:

I’m very Patient to Teach / Tell the Facts to Newbies, who are willing to Learn the System before they get into Trouble in someone’s Lobby.

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All true statements. Lol I need to see more Melee Characters out there. I only see Demos and Veterans.


Elite Drones can be a problem if you can’t close the gap to them. Therons destroy if they actually land a bolt on you. My main main problem still are Boomers. They aimbot super hard, even if im behind them lol

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Save your iron ( in game premium currency) for the 30 day boost
But honestly
If you paid cash for iron to get double STARS = more coins = coins level up cards
That’s not bad as wel

It is different. Whilst you can port some of your skills across from Gears 4 (a lot of the gameplay is similar) the engineering, fortifications and classes are quite different. So there will be a fair amount of re-learning to do, particularly with regards to the classes and skills. Fortunately Gears 5 shares some maps with Gears 4, so some of those maps will be familiar to you.

In very broad terms the classes would equate to:

Heavy — Demolitions
Scout — Infiltrator
Engineer — Engineer (there are three types in Gears 5 with different card skills)
Sniper — Marksman
Soldier — Veteran

In terms of closest equivalents to Gears 4 classes, I’d say Veteran and Marksman would be the closest to what you’d be familiar with in Gears 4. Even though you’d need to learn exactly what their skill cards do.

It took me a while to switch from Gears 4 to 5 but I’m glad I did as whilst the experience is similar there are more classes and cards to play which makes the experience richer and more challenging to master all the classes.

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They’re not as pretty as the ones in Gears 4! I used to love that little wheel thingy that went round and round on the overclocked lockers in Gears 4, showing you it was overclocked. I reckon the only reason they removed it from 5 is so Demos wouldn’t get annoyed at not having overclocked lockers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: