Ok its Monday, Start of a New Week, Where is 2v2 Gnashers?

This is some serious BS. Do you guys not know what a week is? People there are drinking some koolaide for sure. New big titles are coming out soon, do you really think people in force are going to continue playing this game? The reason I say this is because I feel like TC gives off this vibe that you guys at TC dont exactly care about your player base. Sorry but it’s the truth. Think about it from our point of view. Don’t give me those cop out answers on how they are working on Gears 5 either. For example their “update” had been done for awhile now they were just waiting until after san diego for whatever dumb reason. Everyone there already had the full new update. That is PROOF that it was already done.

Today is Canadian thanksgiving so the work week actually starts tomorrow.

crap and they are located in Canada so you are right. ;_;

Plus they said it’s coming with this weeks update. You people need to show some patience.

yeah and I thought the update was today. Wow excuse me for expressing my opinion -_- they pushed this update back so many times.

Ooops I uninstalled it already.
So long suckers.

Correct it’s a holiday in Canada… They will be returning to the office tomorrow…

Will be closing this, thank you.

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