Ok is it just me or is anybody else worried about lootboxes and the hate on the lancer like holy ****

ok ok i get it the gnasher is a viable weapon and the lancer is a annoying to deal with but is that really the reason to hate on it? It is consistent in medium to short range. It has a nice spread to hit multiple targets something that the lancer cant do. And it has the chance to insta kill at point blank. But see that’s kind of it’s down fall. Jesus time to get statistical out this ****. Ok so at medium to short range its a beast we got that clear. but how about medium to long range well yeah the gnasher is good at medium range but the lancer can pretty much do it better. Don’t believe me hear me out. If a gnasher user just came running towards you full throttle wall bouncing like a bunny on cocaine. that’s a great chance to well finish him. Think about it when a person wall bounces they will always end up on a other side of the wall. Take blood drive for example most of the map is a gnasher wall bouncing fest but a lancers best friend. Cuse as long as you can aim in the middle you can always hit your target. Why because every time a guy wall bounces he’s always going to go left and right and as soon as he starts which means if you aim in the middle your always going to hit and the faster the more damage it does its common sense and yet people still get mad when they die to a lancer. And not only that ins’t the lancer the main weapon of the series . then why are people hating on it. you should be happy that the gun that made the game is awesome and powerful. That’s like going to halo and hating on the ma5c saying hey lets make it the weakest gun in the game for **** and giggles gears of war community WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH Y’ALL? look i respect wall-bouncing and gnasher 's all that joly stuff. But i wanna play with the weapon that made gears. what it RE-PRESENCE. it’s a original thought. its creative. it’s barbaric while you’re reaping people to pieces. it’s a breath of fresh air and it’s never given a chance. what is the gnasher its a shotgun that’s it with no redeeming quality’s. it doesn’t have a chainsaw or a laser beam it’s just a normal ***plain looking shotgun and people love it. yet people say they want something new well you killed it before it even took off nice job. the irony is strong on this one boys ain’t it. also loot boxes don’t gears just don’t. well i mean the gears of war community already let gears 4 do it so. 5 is going to be jacked up to 11. look guys take care of your franchise if you care about it. Don’t let it follow ea footsteps. And don’t tell me that doesn’t take skill because without good positioning or aim you’re as good as dead

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