OK, I Like the New Horde(s). But a Few Issues

It’s change. I like change.

Few issues.

  1. AIs still get stuck. You can imprison them with a fortification pretty easy. I don’t why this is such a pain to fix software wise.

  2. AIs are now a little too gregarious IMHO. I mean they’re fun and everything, but they cluster around you (if you’re playing alone) like gnats on a hot day in Georgia. Dudes don’t believe in social distancing.

  3. An AI will shoot into a wall continuously if there is an enemy hiding behind it. Uh if there is something between the bad thing and your weapon, move a little bit. Problem with the model? I’ve seen it on All Fathers. There should be no model problems with All Fathers. Its the benchmark of maps.

  4. Am I crazy or is boost not being applied to XP? Yes I am crazy but is boost being applied to the XP added to chars for leveling? Is there a known problem with this or is this a feature?

  5. Not new in OP4. Why do bad things (bosses especially) like to pick on the only real thing in the squad? If I’m playing with all AIs, there can be four of them shooting from one side of the map, me on the other end and the darn thing will run all the way to the other end of the map to squash me. Is this a punishment for playing alone? Must be.

  6. Not new in OP4. Is suicide a strategy? I’ve seen players do this to get new weapons. It is one of those “yeah, that’s a good idea” moments but then its like “do the gods of Gears really like people doing this?” I think if you commit suicide, your playing should come back naked or something. You should still get new weapons, but you should be marked as a sinner. I like sinners myself so go for it and get that new boomshot.

I brought all this up on the forum because it at least gets some comments. Submit a ticket, you don’t hear anything. I figure one of the moderators will do the work for me and I can get back to playing. Thank you!



Never understood why it takes two frags to kill yourself.

You’d be lucky if you get revived from AI, let alone shooting.

AI’s are not much help in horder beyond dehinner level.

Number 5 has been doing that since launch. I play alot on my own with the A.I. in Horde, it mostly happens with Swarmacks. They will chase you from one side of the map to the other ignoring the A.I.

In one game, i managed to evade and hide on All Fathers, the A.I. were stood around the Swarmack, one of them was face to face. If i had not known any better, i would swear they were plotting some evil deed.

In my perfectly honest opinion, i seriously thing the I in A.I. should be dropped. Maybe just call them Bots, rather than A.I. because there is very little Intelligence in these things.

I was on Asylum once, and i have a habit of putting the Fabricator on top and building a hideaway underneath, the Snatcher managed a cheap shot at me, downed me and the A.I. was running around shouting i am on my way, and where are you. I died a horrible and painful death, because the A.I. was too intelligent to go underneath. Funny thing about it though, if i had put the Fabricator down there, they would have found me. Oh, and, only one of the four was actually looking for me.

That is the one thing Incendiaries do better than frags: it only takes one to commit die.

Funny, they were actually somewhat helpful today when I was medal grinding in the various modes. They would seem to not linger around if I was down or walk off if I was down next to one and revive me straight away instead. Even if one of the dumb things walked in front of me as I fired a Boomshot, which only happened once in Horde, it just revived me immediately instead of leaving me there for several seconds.

Ai in Gears is stupid as left shoe. From the first Gears 2006. When I was doing custom Gears 1 Horde, I’ve struggled with it a lot. But your points are mostly valid when it comes to AI. What I can explain from my experience:

  1. Ai seeks path from navmesh and other paths that were built before publishing map. If you put an obstacle in it’s way, you dont help them.
  2. This AI behavior is fully coded by TC. Still wonders me how AI chooses which player will be followed.
  3. Bad programming or errors wgen trace function does not detect any obstacle.
  4. I have no boost to notice that, let others speak,
  5. Enemy AI will always prioritize real player over other AI. It’s something inherited from previous Gears.

Why do people killing themselves bother you?

Had a match last night when playing solo as baird and had a tap on the other side of the map. One AI was crouching by it, and on the other side was a leech hitting the tap. Of course the AI ignored it, because why wouldn’t it…

Let us spend energy to upgrade the AI and their weapons to get them to Elite Drone levels or something…

Another weird thing happened with AI. I joined a game with a single - playing to help out. You know JD, good Samaritan. After wave 15 I think, the person left. There was no “by your leave” or anything. I just noticed they stopped taking all the ammo. The person that was in charge (we played All Fathers) was on the other side of the area from where they dropped the fabricator (which is where I hide). The bots were all there with she/he killing spawns. So when the owner left, the bots all stayed there. They never came back to where I was. They stayed near where the person had left as if their dying command was “defend this area with your non-existent lives” which they did. It was kind of nice as they thinned out the crowd before they noticed me.

So now when a leader leaves, nothing happens? No more “The leader has changed. You are now the leader” process? I don’t remember reading that in the release notes.