Ok... I dipped my toe back in ranked, after several months of boycott... It still isn't great, is it?

Dana has said many times on steam “don’t tell us ‘your game sucks’, tell us WHY”… ok…

  1. WTF with the superglue walls and cover?!?!?!?!?

  2. gnasher - ridiculous gib range, then damage disappears… You shoot at someone 3 times, do next to nothing damage with each shot, then they take a step forward and boom gib… At this point I’ll take the Core 2 shot down gnasher over this one

  3. the RB chainsaw/retro controls are still as messed up and infuriating as ever, especially for someone who used the chainsaw a lot in the game. If you can’t stop the rifle from reloading after a chainsaw interrupt, you need to get rid of the interrupt.

  4. movement isn’t horrible like it was at launch, but it still feels clunky and unresponsive… GoW4 you were on ice skates; here you are running through ankle deep water (no longer mud, now just water).

  5. the matchmaking premium assigned to people playing together is insane. I was playing in a group of 5 bronzes, and we were matches against (single) onyx players… Stupid…

  6. flashbangs don’t explode on impact anymore, WTF? it’s like GoW4 smokes no, you can’t throw it, and run, you end up flashing yourself… And their effect range is so small…

  7. can’t detonate planted enemy frags with my own flashbangs??

  8. two shots in Drop? Frags take FOREVER to explode… They cater to sniper people, but kill a lot of the power and usefulness of explosives…

if you guys love it, great, power to you, enjoy it… For me, playing 3 nights of ranked KOTH was enough to make me realize I still have no interested in versus in Gears 5… And I was soo hyped for it, after loving GoW4…


Oh no! Another ranked is ■■■■ topics! :wink:


you can… You probably missed it though, with all due respect.

  1. I don’t have this problem personally but others have stated this. It may have to do with your controller scheme but I’m not really sure. So, yes maybe this is a problem.

  2. The gib range is pretty high but I do believe the developer playlist is trying some changes that will make it so you have to aim your shots better to promote more fulfilling gnasher play. The Aug 6 pvp dev stream talks about this for more details.

  3. Agreed.

  4. Feels fine to me personally but others state this too so I dunno.

  5. I’m not sure if there is a ‘matchmaking premium’ assigned to stacked teams. I think that just might be your personal experience or how you remember it.

  6. I like the delay on flashbangs. It allows you time to to get to the position. You have to predict where an encounter will be (or force one). I think a slight AOE increase wouldn’t hurt though.

  7. Will have to test this.

  8. Drop could maybe use another bullet but I like where it’s at. Same with boom. I hated how in G3 a match often revolved around boom control. I do feel the power weapon resupply timers are a bit long. Frags are a bit weaker, I feel, compared to previous Gears but they still have their place. Plants aren’t as annoying as they were in previous gears especially G2.

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ok, I’ll try it again… maybe it’s a range thing, the flash was too far away from the planted frag. I’ll try it in private…

I tried twice in ranked matches and both times it didn’t explode, I had to shoot the plants with the lancer, then they blew up.

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Also, the ranking system is terrible so don’t even try and move up.

We play against a team and we’re destroying them and about to win the match. The whole game disconnects and all of us lose a whole rank despite the fact we should have had more than 200 points each for a victory.

The next match we lose to a really good team and even though I did well I lost 64 points. No disconnect.

I have had 5 disconnections since OP4 started and every one was just as we were about to win a match 2-0. The disconnect costs us like 400 points or something despite it being the games fault.

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It’s definitely a major problem. In fact, The Coalition has stated it was done on purpose because a few pro-gamers wanted to be able to “roadie run” on cover instead of the game forcing them off. The community ripped on this change and it’s being reverted back soon according to Dana.

Ohhhh, yes, they are STILL listening to “pro-games” on how to tune the game for the general masses??

Have they learned nothing yet? Pro-games are not the ones buying iron, TC… and if I hate the game, I won’t be buying any iron, am I ?

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They’ve been testing a slower slide speed in the beta playlist. It’s lowered down from 650 to 600 and personally I can’t stand it. The main complaint from this community was how slow the game felt at launch when compared to Gears 4. 650 is still slower as far as I know but 600 is definitely slower and very sluggish feeling. I have no interest in this game with its sticky cover so I rarely play anymore and that’ll continue even if they remove the sticky cover if they slow the speed down.

I have no idea who they’re listening to but it’s definitely not me which is fine. If others can find enjoyment in the slower movement and they do implement it more power to them. I will just avoid launching the game until it’s sped up again.

yeah, i agree… most of the problems I run into are minor, and I can get past them (visible planted frags, etc) but there are some main CORE ones which just kill the game for me…

The chainsaw problems are one of them… The movement is another. The movement is what made the game exhilarating in the past, what made it so addictive, being able to smoothly and crisply move in/out of a fight, being able to move around the enemy’s shots to chainsaw them from behind, or use it to disconnect your self from a fight, etc,… It really felt “elite”…

They are really moving away from that feeling, towards a more generic shooter; if that’s what the masses want, fair enough, they have a business to run, but I can’t stand it either… And I’m not supporting it re anything to do with Versus (no point in buying any Swarm skins, haha,if I just play Horde, right)…

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