Ok how about most annoying locust horde bot

this is mainly for gears of war 3 but any other game is welcome to compare

Wild tickers. If you get tunnel vision on HPT they get in real quick and mess you up.

for me is def grenadier elites possess the skill to blind throw frags about 20ft to you with accuracy they are ultra aggressive getting in your face chasing you across the map with a mean gnasher


They are brutal, true to their name.

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I used to hate beast riders, they were annoying as â– â– â– â– . Also Therons, Kantus and grenadier elites

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I didn’t do a lot of Horde on 3 but in 4 the Elite Swarm are annoying AF when you are playing Scout, cruising around so slick, grabbing all the cash. Then, with no rev warning at all, buzzzzzzzzz. Then you teammates think, “Oh that idiot Scout went and dies across the map…”

As Sniper, my usual role, the ones with Boltoks get super annoying on Inconceivable. You might barely pop your head for the quickest of shots and they will insta-drop you with one shot as soon as your head clears cover. I don’t mind them being powerful, but a little more realistic would be nice.

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oh yeah how about the stupid A$$ kantus evading and that grinder who seems to have unlimited ammo and strength to crank that mini machine gun and target you anywhere on the map

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I do miss Gears 3 Horde…

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Hi mate
You “need” to rectify that stat, Gears 3 is THE KING OF HORDE :wink:

For me, maybe Lambent Wretches, hardwise Zerkers.


I am currently playing gears 3 and it does not disappoint for me the crown goes to the queen’s faithful locust drone.

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The wife and I played it before we got into 4 and I just recall us ****ing people off, getting mele’d constantly, and generally feeling unwelcome. lol. When we got 4 we decided to run Horde private a few times before going public.
I really wish some Gears dev at some point would put new users through a Horde tutorial because I know most people go through this exact thing and it’s unpleasant for everyone.


I second that excellent suggestion:smiley:

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This is right here!!!
And it doesn’t even have to be a long in-depth tutorial. Maybe like a few minutes where you are forced when you play a new class to learn the basics about the class… Like for the scout, you would run out and pick up power… And then give you max pickup and run and deposit to show what happens when you pickup the power during the round as opposed to after. Something though…


Sires in gears 2 horde… easily chainsawed but if you don’t see them they’ll wipe you out fast

If you and your wife ever fancy Horde on Gears 3 I’m more than happy to show/teach you. We could play on private with mutators on for the first few times :wink:

Drone elites using grenades or lancer the higher the difficulty the more annoying they get… The grenades follow you, and many time there’s no warning just boom… Or the guardians with the trishot… They seem to chase me, only when I’m not a scout and get wrecked…