Ok, gonna take a little break from Gears... I'll be around, just to keep an eye on what's happening

So, funny story… I never cared about “Mastering” maps before, I would just play for the joy of playing… Recently I realized I was rapidly losing that joy, so to give myself a purposes I started to “Master” the maps (I had played them all, but join in progress, or I’d switch character in mid game to help, etc, so I didn’t have them all Mastered).

The very last map I mastered, Checkout, last night, was the very first time I created my own, private lobby. I didn’t expect anyone to join, I just thought, let’s try solo, and maybe someone joints. I went in as Marcus, setup in the spawn… So Lizzy joins on wave 3, and by wave 5 we had a full team: lizzy, kait, clay, and baird. We went all the way, and had a great game along the way… flock, snatcher, 2 carriers, and a swarmak on 50! And we did it… It was a lot of fun, and a great way to finish… and my first time hosting a private lobby too, haha…

Anyhow, I am very burned out, so I’ll be taking a break… Not uninstalling/etc, no, I’ll still play on Wed evenings with my IRL friends like we have for 10 years, but I’m not going to on every night, etc…

Anyhow, hope you guys will still find joy in this game, as much as you can. I reached the point where I wasn’t anymore… I’m sure that will come back to me, after a break … After all, OP5 will make the game great again, right??


P.s. Legend 256, I think…


Finally, bring all that wine and cheese to other communities for a change.

Gears has always been a boring franchise, the games are really fun for a few months but quickly lose player interest, to put this into perspective Gears of War 3 (what most people consider the best/most love Gears) I quit playing after about 6 months, and since then they haven’t really thought of interesting/creative ways to retain players for Versus/Campaign.

That’s part of your issue, Marcus is the most boring character I have ever played. By definition a one trick pony. That being said though Horde isn’t fun for me anymore either, I exclusively play Escape because it offers more challenge.

I played GoW4 from its launch until G5’s launch, without any problems or boredom. Loved the versus, had fun with Horde…

Gears of War Versus has went downhill ever since Gears 3 in my eyes, Epic wanted Gears of War to be CoD and it failed horribly.

Gears of War 4 and Gears of War 5 horde are almost identical, which isn’t surprising (made by same company after all), people prefer Gears of War 4’s more because its much much easier/simpler, GOW5’s horde would be fun if it were just more challenging.

Good game design is meant to be challenging/rewarding, GOW4/5 have work to do in that regard.

Edit: you missed out when Gears of War was a top 5 most popular XBL game is what I was getting at with Gears 3, Gears will never be as popular as it was in 2006-2009ish era. Versus in Gears 5 is a joke comparatively, PvE is probably more popular than PvP in Gears 5 as an example lol

well, VISUALLY they might look SIMILAR, but they are definitely nothing like each other, from controls/experience in VS point of view…

different movement dynamics

different weapon behaviors (bloom/recoil differences)

different explosive radius in drop, boom, frags

different controls : problems with forced reloads on RB AND loss of input which happens during animations

etc, etc

those are all things which make a world of difference to me… I cannot compare GoW3 versus to GoW4 versus, before GoW4 I only played PvE in earlier titles. But the game play differences between GoW4 versus and GoW5 versus, for me (who was a heavy user of the chainsaw in CQB and was an explosive weapon specialist) are staggering.

For me, those are completely different games, in versus… BECAUSE they look similar, I tried to get into it for several months, but then just had to admit that this game isn’t one I like (versus), so I stopped trying…

The differences might be insignificant to someone, they are critical to me…

I envy people who love this game.

Here’s the thing, though - like I said, I never played GoW3 versus, so when I was falling in love with GoW4 versus, I couldn’t relate to people who played earlier titles and were complaining about GoW4.
So I totally understand how someone coming into G5 with no previous experience might think this is great and fall in love with it… If so, power to those people…

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Blasphemy gears is like the least being of all games

Well you stated you never really played Versus in games before Gears 4 so I understand why you think the way you do, it would be like if someone loved Halo 4 then went to Halo 5 and thought the two were drastically different (those two games are still much much further apart than Gears 4 to Gears 5 btw) but quite simply going from Halo 3 or Halo 4 is a much more dramatic shift, completely different games with different philosophies and made by different companies.

My point is that small changes to you seem much more drastic then it does for long time fans, like you mention how you loved using chainsaw for CQB but its terrible for CQB in 4/5, so like I understand why if you only played those two games you’d think that way. Chainsaw was God tier in Gears 1 Versus :joy:


Least boring

least boring game is #42 in terms of popularity on Xbox Live.

I can’t tell you how many people have moved on from Gears and are playing other games now, Gears of War as a franchise has failed to understand what made it popular/unique, like TC probably spent 80% of their time creating the campaign for Gears 5…

my impression is that with G5 they simple were trying to create a new, popular game, with the Gears visuals and a Gears ‘feel’. They never cared about that made it popular BEFORE

So they simple looked at other games, which are popular, and wanted to imitate their popularity by adopting some of the those elements (emotes??? in Gears???)… They wanted more people to stick around, so they made changes which were appealing to new players (they explicitly said so), to keep them longer in the game, etc… Regardless what impact those changes had on the Gears fan base…

IMO, and I’ve said this before, their calculations were along the lines of “if we gain 3 new casual players for every 1 hard code fan we lose, that’s a huge win.” So they focused all of their research and energy on what their research showed new players would/do like…

Unfortunately they can’t make this game non-Gearsy enough to appeal to the Fortine and COD crowd… But they can, and did make it not Gearsy enough to appeal to the fans… So they got the worst of both worlds - lost fans, and didn’t get new players…

that’s my impression of what’s happening with G5…

You realize that Gears of War used to be more popular than those games right? Gears 1/2 were top 5 most popular games for the majority of the time they were out. Gears 3 was in top 20 at best and its only gone downhill from there. When OP4 came out Gears 5 went up (which is expected of course) in population dramatically, since then its only been a nosedive, this means that Gears 5 isn’t unpopular necessarily, it means that players don’t feel rewarded enough or invested enough to keep playing.

TC thought Gears 4 was unpopular because its story, hence why they probably spend twice as long creating Gears 5’s Campaign. Escape is easily the best idea TC ever came up with in my eyes.

Edit: fans had same complaints back in Gears 3 days, microtransactions, CoD elements being copied, etc. People value small details more than they should I think.

I strongly suspect this is an issue of relativity… Back when those games were out, the number of people playing Gears games might have been near the top, compared to how many people where playing other games AT THAT TIME…

if you look at the raw numbers of people playing Fortine, COD, Minecraft NOW, and compare that with the number of people who played the early “popular” Gears games, I’d be willing to bet Gears numbers would be dwarfed by comparison…

So yes, the definitions of “Gears was popular back in (fill in the blank)” and “we want Gears to be popular in the day and age of Fortnie” translate into very different actual player numbers…

So that’s why , IMO, the changes - TC doesn’t care what made Gears “popular” 10 years ago - because that level of “popular” would be nothing impressive in TODAY’s setting… Looking at how many players that actually translated into… They have very different standards and goals now… Realistic or not - that’s a different question…

So for people who cling to the idea that Gears was once “popular” and want it to be so again: Gears was popular when it was a small size fish in a medium size pond. the pond has now become an ocean and it’s filled with huge whales … Keep that in mind.

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and yet that doesn’t magically mean Gears 5 isn’t unpopular, you have games that are more popular that are far older, I also want to mention that Gears 4/5 are being heavily bolstered by Gamepass (which they should be) so I wonder if Gears 5 would even be in top 60 without Gamepass :thinking:

The popularity of Gears 1-3 were far more impressive objectively speaking, because you knew that if a game was top 5 it had to have tons of sales figures, whereas now it just means less (though over time it arguable means more due to subscription)

Sales figures for games mean much less now due to things like microtransactions and downloads, so if you want to argue that Gears 5 is perhaps making more money than most other games then try. Like AC Odyssey is more popular than Gears 5 (Odyssey is two years old and has no MP btw) judging by stats but perhaps Gears 5 makes more revenue :thinking:

Regardless of how you look at it though TC’s main focus is to keep a high player retention (to keep Gamepass subscription) and they’ve failed at that.

yeah… there was no gamepass/etc… So yeah, very different times, even if it looks like it’s “only” about 10 years… but that’s a life time in this context…

While I disagree I respect you opinion

Yeah man … I think most of us are burned out…

Yup man that’s the way to go, playing Pool Billiards could work or perhaps watching " STAR TREK DISCOVERY" on Netflix.

No man I ain’t finding joy on Gears 5 anymore… I rather talk to my wife regarding bank issues than playing Gears 5.

I don’t know man… I hope so… I wish THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW = Nostradamus was alive.

Take a rest … Doom Eternal is waiting for you .

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Wow, I’m not surprised your burned out. I think it’s a testament to how good Gears still is that it can capture your attention for as long as it has. After 12 years on and off, I get bored too, or busy with other stuff.

Enjoy your break and maybe when you come back it’ll reignite your passion.

To be fair his legend rank doesn’t necessarily reflect the time invested.

Certainly a combination of iron and time though.

I feel ya. I enjoyed the game for a solid 8 months of PVP but I’m kind of over it. I’ve gotten a lot better since I started and thats cool, but I feel mostly pretty bored with the game at this point. I used to look forward to Ranked KOH in the evenings. No real desire to play anymore. Looking forward to seem new releases in the upcoming months.

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