OK enough is enough!

Time to buff the lancer and fix the movement if you arn’t reverting the gnasher tuning. Enough said. Multiple posts out there describing what needs to be changed address it.


The tuning/movement will not be changing. People need to understand that and stop making threads on it.

The most you’ll get from the tuning and movement is tweaks which TC said may happen… but in regards to any full on changes… not happening.

If you haven’t adapted to this movement and ain’t enjoying it by now then simply move onto other games. It’s quite simple?

& regarding the lancer, it’s fine the way it is.


One thing I can’t understand is why do I keep playing VS. The tuning is awful, the hit detection is horrendous and the lag is unvelieveable. How any one can make a ping over 100 work for them is beyond me. My ping is usually fine but if it goes over 80 the game is unplayable for me.

Honestly the VS aspect of this game is just straight up bad and im just not enjoying it anymore if I ever did lol.


Wierd addiction I have also


If they buff the lancer it will help you as a single shooter, but then the crossfire when getting hit by multiple players will be op. So either deal with it being slightly weak or buff it and go back to getting downed lightning fast by 2 players. Me, I’ll take the weak lancer… use it to damage and help your teammates. Work together. Because with a stronger lancer teams who organize fire are way too overpowered, with it as is now there is a bit more leverage.


The Lancer needs to stay exactly where it is. If you want to play Call Of Duty, you may do so.

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Yeah I should probably go get some help or something because this VS can not be good for my health lol.


No, no it isn’t lol.


Because i’m addicted so i can’t quit. Also i have adapted but it could be better.

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I can’t stand and have never liked vs. Even back at gears one. There’s always been an unfair advantage for the gnasher. TC understand that everyone using lancers isn’t “fun” so they keep this horribly unreliable gun as your main loadout.

The Lancer never killed in 3 hitmarkers or less in any Gears game.


Dude, they don’t give a f**k , they have stated there wont be any major changes in versus, so either get used to it or play something else.

Lulz noob


Wrong. Fans of this series are free to express their displeasure at any time here, it’s the point of these forums. Especially when it regards this slow, pathetic and boring tuning.

Wrong. Bigger changes have been made from enough voices.

Wrong. You must be quite simple if you believe this. How should loyal supports of their favourite Franchise have to abandon ship when the Developers make a terrible decision? By that logic, most of us would’ve given up at the Tech Test.

Wrong. Against damaged Juvies, maybe, but otherwise it’s ridiculously weak and an embarrassment to it’s former self.


I’m really tired of this argument.
Making the lancer stronger doesn’t mean we want to play cod or any other game put there.

It’s a lazy argument.

The lancer is a tad too weak at certain distances. A slight buff with in a certain dmg range falls into what tc said they could do.

This game isn’t about one gun. It’s about all of them. This isn’t gears of gnasher or lancer.

You can still be dropped by a team using their lancers to cross. You’ll never escape that reality.

But a person shouldn’t be able to walk up to a weapon and pick it up easy.
Only once was I able to down someone as they picked up a weapon and that’s because I started shooting early.

This game is about tactics according to tc and the pros. If you don’t get punished for picking up a weapon then why bother.


Lancer doesn’t need a buff, but the Gnasher does need a debuff with the “consistency” fix they’ve implemented. The gun is too strong right now.


Y does the gnasher feel like a snipe. Movement and gnasher needs to go back to the last tuning. I’ve never had this many problems with a tuning than this slow stuff. It’s horrible and I’m tired of seeing people bounce fast and they think they’re good, when a beginner can do it now. TC lowered the skill gap entirely. It’s pathetic. If you think you’re good now It’s bc you couldn’t react fast enough to the faster movement beforehand. Lower the gib range too, like dang TC.


I dont think the lancer is too weak. I think the lancer is too inaccurate. The spread is horrible compared to older titles.


TC may have said that they won’t change the tuning anymore, but if there’s anything I know about the gaming industry it’s that a company’s final word is never believable. A change could happen if a big enough of a fuss is made. Considering that Gears 6 is more than likely 2 years out, TC putting their foot down on this tuning is a bad look. Gears 5 is on the series X/S as well now, so it’s in TC’s best interest to try and make this game a pleasant experience until Gears 6 releases. Also the “Don’t like it, then leave” argument is never a good one. If you’re complacent, nothing gets done.


Lol the “dont like it leave” kids are just fanboys that can’t accept that there are flaws with their oh so perfect game. Feel free to voice that opinion