Ok. Enough is Enough by Hu1k Daddy

Ok Gears.

I have seen still a lot of hate since OPT 4 about Horde and the complaining.

Look I quite G5 after OP3. Horde sucked. Clayton sucked and I was done with the game.

But since OP4. The game is fun as hell. So here is my challenge to all the haters.

Join up with me. Let me teach you some things and maybe you can see just how damn fun the game actually is.

Do you wanna live forever?


Gamer tag- same as it is here.
Lobbie game name- Hu1k Daddy’s Game

I always host my own games. Don’t worry my connection is fast :+1:.


Hit me up, Daxterdude. I’d like to be running horde 1-50 on a few more maps.


Did an advanced horde with randoms with Clayton the other day since I don’t have him leveled all the way. I didn’t have the most experienced randoms so I got Clayton a mulcher and maxed has ammo regen. I literally didn’t drop the thing for the last handful of waves and wrecked some havoc, it was a blast.


Definetly Hu1k Daddy,it’s certainly fun,And it helps new gamers.To get there first re-up.without them being kicked😎

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For Sure bro.

It’s time we changed the image.

I can’t say how many times I have played with people that have told me how much fun they had playing with me, as they could play with any character they wanted, and we made it fun.

So let’s ban together to change this toxic image.



But what should we BAN together!? :thinking:


Spelling it looks like :rofl:.


Agree re Horde being fun.
I’m playing Horde daily on op4… for context I had played about 2 matches on previous ops/since Horde 4.0 dropped.
Only playing public Frenzy on advanced at the mo, need to spec some cards.
I also like the 12 waves, although I would set at 20.

I’m not new to Horde, it was my staple mode from Gears 2 on, I played 10’000’s of 50 wave matches across all other Horde and Survival (10 waves,) but I do not have time or the staying power for 50 waves very often now.

Then let’s Frenzy up bro. I’m cool with either.

However I do prefer frenzy as I believe it’s harder.


Admittedly Operation 4 is a good improvement but there is still stability issues in regards to the servers so we’re not out of the woods yet.


Well alright,

That part is pretty much out of what I can control.

However what I am more referring to is what is there and not what isn’t there. We can always say what this game doesn’t have or how bad this or that is.

But at this time since G5 launched, Horde as never been in a better place for this game.

So with that in mind, is where I am coming from.

If I was.a Dev, then maybe I could help more.



Ha, I’m just dropping in a little dose of pessimism to even out the odds.

Horde is definitely improved though in general, it was disastrous and seriously limiting before this. Not to mention a slight imbalance with certain characters.

A step in the right direction.

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Sure why not I’m always down to run some horde … gt is V7K1NG


I want to play cog gear a little in horde
I thought they didn’t give her more than critical bonus perk for damage love, however I saw last night that they made her assault rifles perk better.
So now I want to see what she can do on insane it higher

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Did they make her laughing attack more frightening!?
Maybe as frightening as Paduk’s ultimate!? :smirk:

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It would only have the opposite effect of annoying the Swarm so much they’ll come after you even harder.

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Is he starting a cult?
I’ve seen cult pamphlets saying something like that too.

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Kifflom! Welcome brother mother.


Right on man.

I’ll add you when I hop on in a little bit.

Ran into you once online and had a good run and learned a few things. I’ll keep my eye out and join if I can.
Like you - I am enjoying Horde a bunch more since OP4!

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