Oh , Yeah Guess who's happy? ๐Ÿ˜

Finally I was able to claim the Exclusive Microsoft Skin thanks TC good looking weapon skins


Got mine earlier too.

I think they are massively overrated and scrapped it :joy:

But Iโ€™m happy your happy :+1:


That means if I missed the stream itโ€™s all good I have my skin lol

How can i get this skin??

I donโ€™t think itโ€™s possible to get it anymore, since the Mixpot problem is fixed.
Anybody who watched on Mixer for E3 would have gotten Microsoft Studios Lancer.

I saw the E3 on mixer on PC, not on console

Were you signed in with the same Xbox account?
If so, youโ€™d have to go to โ€˜Gears of War 4โ€™ > โ€˜Manage Gameโ€™, and youโ€™ll find the Pack available to download/install.
Then should appear in Unopened Pack.


Iโ€™m always signed there, I see Pro Circuit too every week, iโ€™ll look into microsoft shop from windows 10 then, i canโ€™t do what you say from xbox app

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I donโ€™t have any pack with the skin

you can get another chance at the Studio Lancer this coming Thursday night on https://live.gearsofwar.com/ during the weekly stream the coalition does


its a good looking skin but i prefer the Mixer lancer instead


Not a fan of that one but it was hype when they announce it a week before and even the day that was given every one was so excited lol

Indeed, just donโ€™t get why those that have it are obsessive about getting them. At the end of the day itโ€™s just a skin, Iโ€™m just kind of conflicted on that if they didnโ€™t take their time to find out whether a skin given a way then why should people get it.

Honestly i think its BS some skins can only be earned outside the game. Granted im not a total โ€œdigital collectorโ€ like some, and i realized with the gazillion packs they put up it would be impossible for me to get every skins. BUT i do understand that some peoples are.

I love playing GOW, but watching other peoples play is really not my thing. Why should i watch other peoples play a game i own myself and can play myself? lol

Only time ill watch a stream is either if the game is not out yet (preview of some sort), or i want to see if ill like the game (when im unsure to buy or not)

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Do not worry if you missed this skin during the E3 briefing, there will be another chance to obtain it somewhere next week.

Keep an eye out on social media to know how it will be given out.

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How did people get this Skin?

It was given out during one of the Gears Esports events! Canโ€™t remember out of the top of my head which one it was but I think it was during the Vegas Event. :slight_smile:

I like watching good players play as sometimes it gives me new ideas on tactics/strategy/movement that I neโ€™er thought of before. Of course itโ€™s easy because sometimes Iโ€™m away and canโ€™t be playing anyway so that helps

Congrats on the skin!