Oh snap these gun skins look dope with my kantus awe but they are trash on my carmine

Gears 4 did the load out much better. Maybe you should fix that. While you are at it the next gears make a mode where we can choose the rifle we want to load out with. Too add the Lancer in gears 5 is trash it needs stopping power. Also what’s with yall being cool with people shooting bullets at a 45° angel out of the gnasher around corners while in cover. Like who in there right mind was like “oh this seems totally legit let’s roll with that” if you wanna ask yourself why people who are new stop playing all together real quick that’s one of many reasons

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The only valid point in this post lol

Its called a wrap. Its not that hard to do, learn to get better.


It’s not even that hard to evade either. All you need to do is just step out of cover when you know when they’re going to do it.

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I don’t really care about the game making sense or being decent to play anymore because I just go for clips and wrapshots (while breaking the game) are just something else that makes clips look cool — but there’s no way people think this should actually be in the game.

He isn’t even on my screen, I’d love to know what his screen looked like.

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I’ve been playing Gears 5 for awhile but I still struggle to wrap one side more than the other. I think I have perfected wrapshot on one side but the other its embarrassingly bad.

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It’s different timings, so when you wrap on left hand you have wait longer and wrapshotting on right hand you shoot almost instantly. And it’s cover thickness, if it’s really thin you barely wait at all and if it’s really thick like the pillar in the video you wait almost as long as possible.


Nice crutch, huerco.

Only on this can we agree.