Oh my god... totems and problems


Today, totem is here…
I go to see it.
I want to select Raam… but with A button, it’s horrible : go to market and paid it directly 500 irons !!! The joke : i have had him in gears 4 challenge !!! This bad joke cost me 500 irons for nothing ! Very bad loose…
TC, how it’s possible !? Just with a simple casual A button selection… no security or confirm choice…

OH MY GOD ! I FEEL SO BAD… :cry::cry::cry:

Can you be more clear? You already had 500 in your account and you accidentally spent 500 iron?

I was too careful
I mean it TOO CAREFUL to not spend my iron.
It’s true, kinda weird the totem menu, so I read everything twice over and over until I figured that you can craft totems from the very first menu (where all the totems shows in line ) just by hold the X button…

Sorry man, I feel for you.

The new Raam is the classic variant. The gilded one came from G4.

True that the “buying” process is not clear enough but still needs you to hold the button for several seconds.

And A button is the select button in all others choices menu… I have think just to select the totem to see the challenge.

Moreover, as the perfect unlucky, it isn’t on an other character !

I think there are more catastrophic think in the life… but it’s so frustrating to loose irons in this way. Irons are very long to economize. Loose for loose, on others totems was a better way !


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Anyone else’s totem versus challenge not working I’ve completed 3 won 1 and still 0/40

Yes because with the in-game currency it does not need to prompt you anything. Only if you want to buy the actual iron for real money.
However this sounds terrible, and they are again playing with people’s money. Its a scammy way to take away 500 iron.

The User Interface needs to be much clearer and the user should easily be able to distinguish scrap and iron and where to press or not.

Also if players have an elite controller and has mapped any buttons to the paddles they can be pressed unintentionally.


And i think TC can’t help me to recover my 500 irons lost… it will be great. But I don’t think they will do it.

It’s stupid. Very stupid.
I want to economize to buy a great item.
Not for a character I had got with G4 challenge.

Why there are always problems ?
I’m sick of it.

It is very easy to press A and purchase it for 500 iron as I nearly did that when i first looked at it, maybe its meant to be that way

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Exactly, at the first time…

same thing happend to me unwanted purchase lost 500 iron, thought i was goin to craft the totem

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purchse tabs should be on the store menu

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It’s crazy to loose 500 irons without windows with confirm or not, if you do an error, you directly loose your money… Very bad trip