OH BOY! I'm so excited for weekly rotation :D

I’m being insanely SARCASTIC

I cannot wait for more useless garbage :smiley:
Oh boy I’m so happy!!! Anybody else want more poop stains on the ground? Or better yet, Hivebuster skins!!

Or no… How bout… The most Godly of all Cosmetics!!!

A character without FACIAL HAIR!!!


hi man @x_N1HILUS_x

I think one of the greatest enemy’s for ANY GAME its Boredom…

If people are bored they go somewhere else and play something different.

This game pretty much suffers from that… when you get things in weekly rotation like Marcus being shaved or with mostache then without a doubt TC pretty much don’t know what to do anymore.

I could dare to believe that even TC is bored to develop Gears of War. .

as a said before this franchise should be given to MOON STUDIOS the Multi-award winning developers of Ori and the Blind Forest, at least they love what they do and they do show passion for their games.

In contrast Ori’s game are never boring, pretty much you feel like you are " THE LIGHT GUARDIAN " , just a tour de force gameplay by all means.


How about the addition of bearded beardless characters? Would that not excite you?

Bearded Kait please!


Your words are so inspiring… and not boring :3

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Another week, another :poop:!?


Why do people assume that Devs who use different software and have no experience with a given franchise could just pick it up and make a masterpiece no problem based on nothing but the fact they’ve been able to make a masterpiece in their own genre.

2D platforming with Disney-esque artstyles and an emotional core with no dialogue is one thing.

Surreal TPS with gore and years worth of history is another. Not to mention different engines and tools and whatnot. Using tools they weren’t familiar with was one of the biggest pitfalls of Anthem as the devs who were only familiar with Unreal I believe, were forced to use the Frostbite engine in which many of them had little to no experience with beforehand and made for a broken game.

Unless you have them years upon years to switch gears. (Haha) and even then, just because a studio is passionate about one project, doesn’t mean they’ll be the same about another. Old School Treyarch couldn’t wait to make Modern Warfare (2007) but were annoyed making the multiple WW2 sequels they did beforehand.


Yeah but it’d be fu**ing SICK if Platinum Games made a Gears of War game. That’s all I’ll say.

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I wouldn’t dismiss or make less people who made Ori’s games… I mean if they are able to make such a beautiful and complex game I just wouldn’t dare to think they are uncapable of creating a Gears of War game by all means.

the fact of the matter its that TC doesnt have it big enough to make a good game and people who think they did a good game are just blindsighted in some way I’m afraid.

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Vanquish was released almost 10 years ago…

Take me back, bros. I want off this ride.


thanks man … glad you enjoy my comments :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even redeem the poop blood spray & it was free.

I like the PvP

But they lack creativity.


Long Live Guardian!!!

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hahahaha pretty much my good friend you’re referring to the GEARS OF WAR GUARDIAN … but in this case on Ori is a " LIGHT GUARDIAN" just like you man… where he protects the light of the forest and use the power to help an OWL .

I would say man you’re the "Light Guardian " in Gears man … we just need a better Gears of War game that’s all :slight_smile:

A lot of pro’s man think they are " THE LIGHT GUARDIAN" , but only a community pro with amazing skills can be " THE LIGHT GUARDIAN"


Thinking of changing my gamer tag to that!
I like the sound of it “Light Guardian!”

Long Live Guardian!!!


Is tht game any good

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I loved Ori WotW. Played through it 3 or 4 times. The OST is nice too.

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Yo… this is a little late… But that Ori TRAILER looks super GODLY… I… Actually teared up. I havn’t gotten that fired up for a game for a long time… Not even Halo as gotten me to feel so… Sad lately XD… But that is no surprise. But the Music… and the Feeling I got from watching that… Oofta…