OG Xbox One Disadvantage?

Thank you for posting this!

I’m very curious what the series x input delay will be compared to PC.

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PC input delay depends on individual hardware as PC’s can vary significantly.

Xbox Series X should have much lower input latency comapred with the old consoles, but as with anything tech related, better to see tests than rely on promises :slight_smile:


Very informative everyone thanks.

Even tho the general answer is yes, as I suspected, the answer is a lot more complex and not as binary as a simple yes or no.

How exactly do you choose between fidelity and frame rate on the one X

Because i havnt seen an option to choose.

And there is a big difference between the xbox one x and the og xbox one.
You only notice it for about 2 days

Both systems have an insane amount of INPUT LAG.
Its beyond cringy. You are fully aware of it THEE ENTIRE TIME.

I have an OG Xbox One. The console might be feeding the graphics display with 60 frames per second but the problem I have is that there are only like 12 distinct frames during that second, each one being repeated 5 times. In other words, it looks like stop-motion animation. I don’t know if this is because my console lacks the hardware to keep up with the game play
Is it because the servers are not able to provide my console with enough information about every object’s motion and position in space? Due to players’ lag? Lag compensation? Net code?

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You don’t chose on the x. It runs 60 FPS at 4k.

When Gears 4 was enhanced for the one x, you could choose between as an option.

TC has programmed the game to allowed for lower graphics during intense scenes to keep frame rates high.

The game still drops frames and stutters on the one x though at times.

Huge difference between the x and OG. Hopefully even more on the series x.

Oh so the system automatically drops fidelity so it doesnt drop frames etc etc

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It drops the resolution,

So it sacrifices the sharpness,

The graphics settings stay the same.

Sadly yes. You are on a small disvantaje

XBOX-Fat/Slim/X have 6 lag-frames of delay because “Triple buffering + V-sync” forced enabled

PC you have 3 lag-frames delay but you can reduce even more REMOVING "Triple buffering & “V-Sync” and select on Nvidia planel “Low-latency-Mode”. So you latency will be at 2 or even less a 60hz. If we add 144hz/240hz the input lag will be less.

This is what i “Did” to reduce my delay 6 lag-frames to 4 lag frames on “XBOX-X”. I bought a 144hz/1ms/ “FREE-SYNC” monitor compatible con the xbox-x. The Free-sync will remove the-Vsync removing 2 delay.

TC should

  • Remove Triple-Buffering & V-sync from XBOX-VER
  • Ranked should be capped at 60 FPS on PC then removing the PC-ICON