OG Xbox One Disadvantage?

Not a complaint thread or anything as I perform generally well when I play. I’m just curious but considering the difference in power related to the X or a PC is there a chance I’m just at a natural disadvantage bc I’m still running the original XB1? I heard or read somewhere that, for example, there is less input lag on the X compared to the OG and the end result would be me pulling the trigger but nothing happening before I get killed.

Anyone with tech exp or know more about the details of the console that could share some insight?

I play on an OG, never run into those issues though.

Input lag shouldn’t be affected as it’s still 60FPS across all consoles.

Remember, your display has a big impact on the amount of input lag too.

You’re only losing detail / clarity compared to One X which can run 4K and better texture qualities.

In online gaming, there is no situation where everything is equal.


The original console doesn’t run at the same resolution or FPS as the one x. I suppose there’s some inherent disadvantages with that.

The series x which hasn’t been released is suppose to reduce input lag.

To my knowledge all consoles up to that will have the same input delay.

I think they claim 60 FPS on all consoles, but in actuality the OG doesn’t have the ability to hold it there if it ever hits it.

Even with the one x, there are choices between graphical fidelity and frame rates.

Kind of like ISP services that claim up to speeds…

Mine actually exceeds the stated speed. Most services vary widely.

FPS is more consistent on the OneX. Used to get frame drop judder in Versus on Icebound on the OG model. I’ll rarely drop frames now. Exceptions are usually in horde with a bunch of fortifications, or All Hell Breaking loose, or both.

I have both a one x and One S and when my wife and I play she takes the one X and I take the S. There’s most definitely a noticeable difference. Mostly in graphical fidelity but I run into “hiccups” and delays all the time. I much prefer the one x.

There is absolutely a difference in input lag between the one x and PC. Anyone who denies that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Is it noticeable? Does it help? That’s another question that’s certainly trickier to debate or quantify. I argue that, yes. It helps.

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Original Xbox is gonna be slow AF by now.

Over time it will drop in performance too, just like a car loses horsepower over the years.

I see on Reddit often, people complaining about their original Xbox having problems handling quite an few games.


They all do.

Gears 5 uses dynamic resolution scaling.

XBO might have some small dips in the most extreme cases but it maintains 60FPS very well.

That’s for Campaign & Horde.

Because several factors can affect ISP speed.

Mine has always exceeded the speed because most ISPs allow a +10% on the line.

It’s not uncommon or unheard off.

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A console doesn’t slow down in that sense.

It can’t “lose power”.

You have to make sure it’s got the airflow to keep temps down.

That’s about it.

I didn’t say it loses power, not sure who you’re quoting there.

Components slowly degrade and what normally happens is, they fail first before losing a chunk of performance.

Performance is related to all parts though, if one decides to have a problem, then it affects others, thus bringing the performance down overall. Hence the same with cars. To bring it back up to the original standard, would require normally replacing certain parts or being refurbished entirely.

Performance is affected by component quality too. PC and console components are normally high standard and last a long time and only ever drop in performance ever so lightly before failing.

There is no toggle on the one x. All modes are 60.

The toggle was for Gears 4. Looking back at what they said about the one s…if the action got hectic the game would sacrifice graphics to help keep the frame rate locked higher. I see no reason that doesn’t apply to the OG or one x.

I believe you play mostly on PC.

I’ll assure you, even though there are videos without much action showing all consoles running max FPS, anyone who plays this game much knows when action gets hot the consoles drop frames.

I’ve played on all the consoles. There’s a marked improvement on the x. When the x has trouble, I think it is from overheating slightly.

Running Gears 5 has to tax the OG console. When any console or PC begins to heat up, it (not sure of the term) underclocks to protect itself does it not?

Result would be dropped frames.

Drop in performance / loses power.

When a cars performance degrades, it’s for several reason and yes, the engine does lose power / doesn’t make the original horse power.

Consoles work, it would see a performance loss.

It either works, or it doesn’t.

That’s why I mentioned Air Flow, you have to give it adequate breathing space or it MAY throttle itself.

That’s exactly what I said,

It has Dynamic Resolution Scaling to keep MP at 60FPS on all the Consoles.

I’ve played on all the consoles,

One / One S only had dips in very rare instances.

Overall, if you go watch the FPS videos on YT for Gears 5, it’s pretty solid across the board.

Now it’s not going to be 100% 60 - even on the X it dips a little bit it’s nothing drastic.

Console is optimised to run at that framerate for a sustained period under load.

It’s not like with a PC.

Throttling can happen but it’s only a few % unless something is really wrong with your set up / airflow.

The One / S would just sacrifice resolution to keep the 60FPS.

And maybe then that’s what all the complaints about stuttering and screen tearing results from.

Happens more in horde, but the stuttering frames to audio problems are all for real. Not unplayable, but definitely noticeable at times.

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That’s when it throttles performance so it doesn’t overheat.

Yes but if one component starts failing or needs cleaning etc, then it causes a drop in performance as a whole. Everything has to be working smoothly in tandem.

Xbox One S also had a slight performance increase over the original Xbox One. This is why so many people report problems running newer games on the original.

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Could be,

Horde is very, very demanding, even on PC.


This shows a comparison with Xbox at 60 frames and PC at 60 frames.

Granted you are talking about the various consoles at 60FPS but I don’t think they all have the same input latency.

I am sure we can agree though that the Series S and X will be much more responsive :slight_smile: