OG drone elite in hivebusters dlc!

Well it looks like we’ll actually be getting the original drone elite in the dlc after all! @TC_Sera can you comment on whether or not he’s actually being added or is this another mistake like the mk 2 lancer skin?



Probably a mistake that thing looks borked


I asked a TC employee who confirmed it was a mistake.

Sorry mate.


Aw man that really bums me out! That’s like the fourth time he was spotted in gears 5. Any chance you could ask them to add him in as a skin since he’s clearly still in the game?


I think they may have the hint that you are highly requesting him :slight_smile:

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I hope! I just don’t understand why he’s not even in the game and yet they keep showing him in screenshots and stuff. He’s obviously in the game in some capacity so why don’t they just release him as a skin? I guess I’ll have to wait another 6 months or something for him. Maybe even the next game. Hopefully they add him in but now I doubt they will.


This is just teasing at this rate :disappointed:

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I thought I was the only one who noticed. Nice others spotted.

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