Offline customization still not working after all this time

EDIT: I just realized something REALLY bad about this. In Campaign mode, players 2 and 3 can decide who gets to be Del or Jack (or if it’s 2 players, the second player can simply pick). In the Hivebusters DLC, you can choose your character. With the game failing to load character data, THIS NO LONGER WORKS WHILE OFFLINE.

Ok, so I asked @TC_Kilo1062 on the Q&A stream about the offline customization being broken. He said since Gears 5 is an online service, it can’t happen. He must have misunderstood me. I didn’t want to be able to UNLOCK stuff offline, I just wanna use the characters I already have offline.

Right now, offline customization looks like this:

This happens when you boot up the game while the Xbox or PC is disconnected. Notice how it says WEAPON DATA LOADING FAILED on the bottom right when I start a LAN lobby.

Now look what happens when I get disconnected while Gears is running:

Notice how I can choose my character and skin WHILE offline. It used to be this way at all times, but something happened around mid Operation 4, when TC added NG+ to Campaign, where if you start the game while disconnected, customization data fails to load. THIS is what I want fixed. Let me say again, THIS WAS PERFECTLY FINE UNTIL SOME TIME AGO. For some reason, people are not aware of this.

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Apparently TC has decided that being able to play gears 5 offline(lan)was a problem.So they file 13 the option.It’s a odd move since gears 5 had offline lan for almost 2 yrs after release.

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It fails to load becuase it’s all pulled from the server. It could be fixed if it was all stored locally but then you might see the return of the infamous reset bug from gears 3.

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And more leaks since I’d assume hidden skins would be easier to access. Wonder how many “”“new skins”"" they hid in the TU on tuesday.

How come it worked before, and continues to work in Gears 4?

Is embarrassing and a shame all ‘cause that r3t4rded idea of a game as service, other games are able to play offline without issues like Counter Strike Global Offensive and even is free.
Good luck trying to play this game in the upcoming years when the game won’t have support and maybe the servers are shutting down, all you earned like skins won’t be accessible due this draconian and stupid decision, unlike Gears of War 3 I can still access my content even if I’m completely without internet. Cr4p TC and Microsoft.
Another reason to detest them.

No! I won’t go through that again.

This is part of the reason I hate live service games. So far they have just been lag filled games.

To elaborate on that…

The game is only pulling skin ownership info off the server.

All of the actual game assets are downloaded to your xbox/pc storage in the update at the start of an Operation or the full game install. Only the store, DRM, and currency is serverside.

When we “buy” a skin or bundle now, it’s essentially a glorified product key we’re purchasing, but the access rights are stored on TCs servers instead of on the console so without the connection to them you get what’s basically an authentication error.

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I still wanna know how this managed to work with no problems before if this is the case. Hell, it still works in Gears 4.

Greed is the only reason I can think of. They want you to buy xbox live game pass so they updated it to make the stuff you purchased useless unless you log into their service. One more reason to switch to playstation or pc.

I personally am going back to my ps3, free online, when my xbox live subscription runs out if I want to play a console game. I will be using my pc to play any newer titles for the foreseeable future. Not paying for the privilege to access my games anymore. I paid for them I should not have to login to some service to play them.

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This is why I support platforms like GOG Galaxy, drm free. AndI’m looking for a Nintendo 3Ds, I really hate the direction they’re taking on the entire gaming industry. Horrendous.

I submitted a ticket last night. So I did all I can to bring attention to this issue.

I almost redownload GOW4 but with it needing 117 gigs and hearing it gets more broken because TC keep playing with it’s programming trying to ruin it to the point of unplayability so we will be forced back to gears5,it’s just not worth the misery or the HD space to suffer that fate again.(Time to kiss SERA goodbye,the swarm can keep that hellhole.)