Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist

I like the changes of the gnasher but the movement does not finish convincing And the lancer’s damage is very ugly is better as this


And also the cost to enter an even game is very high for the points you take out being diamond and you Gold


this is literally a problem that opens up a few more

from my experience:

  • randomly losing connection at the lobby -> 170 points right down the drain
  • having a quitter in team -> guaranteed loss of points for literally no reason
  • players that can’t join back after getting disconnected -> points trashed
  • rightfully losing a same tier match -> points lost

I’ve also seen a lot of good players get to masters and never touch ranked again
why one that reached that tier would or should shuffle again in the span of a couple of games?

this is not a ranking system, it’s literally a TOD for ranked that makes you gamble points and sets you back on errors
ranking should be something that allow balanced lobbies,
in my opinion risks should be somewhat reversed, easy ranking up/down from bronze to onyx and less shuffling at higher ranks


New changes feel great, slower movement was definitely the right play(idk why people want to zoom around the map like sonic or like we’re playing cod) and the lancer and gnasher feel really good for the most part. Only real downside for me is the gib range. Sometimes I get chunked from a questionable distance and a smaller gib range would compliment the new changes nicely.


I don’t know who’s the master mind behind such decision as I don’t recall anyone in the community requesting elimination’s GP decrement, oh well!

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This is a huge improvement, a step to the right direction.
Gnasher feels so much better, having to hit your shots and removing the random spray makes the battles more consistent and finally the movement matters, bouncing having to be more methodical and strafing really rewards the better player now. And the slide speed is perfect knowing when to slide into an enemy is how i feel it’s meant to be.
This is the best tuning so far loving it.
Please get this into the live game ASAP loving how TC is doing things now and sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the changes to the gnasher, you no longer feel that anyone will hit you, although I would like it to have more damage distance, I like the movement, but the Lancer is now much more useless, they should leave it as it is now since the Lancer Before he shot down the enemy before finishing the weapon collection action and in this beta no, if you do not plan to increase the damage when lancer or return the active recharge, you should put a stoping power, the Lancer was fine at the beginning of the game and I think that this new gnasher would not be a good balance, now the Lancer is only looking to wear a skin on this weapon.


Pop shots don’t register properly , Aim is on play but most of spread misses .
Damage at range is weak , why should the player have the right when you hit them 3 to 4 times just for them to run through your shots to up a you it’s a joke


That’s what the community wants.

It’s trash. I agree. All these mods do is make roadie running more prevalent to pop shots. They want to bounce & soak up damage or they’ll whine.

I’m decent with gnasher. Never complained.

Never felt an issue with hitting my shots.

If I missed or hit bad shots I sucked it up.

Yeah sometime 99% but that happens to my opponents too, it’s just the weird servers. They need better servers not updating the gnasher every season.

People just forget bull happens both ways.

I think overall it’s the hit section that they need to work on it’s just absolutely terrible

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The gib range on op2 was stupendous, but after that I don’t see anything else wrong.

Gears is the most sensitive connection based Game I have ever played.

I understand why. 3rd person. Different style of gun fight so it makes sense.

Then you have some laggy players above 50 ping & all those mods , to improve gameplay, just go out the window.

Beta playlist is great. Feels like this could be the foundation for the future of Gears of War.

My first impressions are around the gnasher:

-Reduced bullet magnetism, especially hipfire, force players to actually hit their targets - STRAFE FIGHTS ARE BACK
-600 slide speed works great couple with the reduced hipfire mag

-LT is more useful

-gib range feels good with this tuning

-more playstyles are useful in gnasher fights

Will update further the more I play, but so far, this is a great step for Gears of War.

Update: LT bullet mag with aim assist on feels a little too strong in combo with the tighter spread. I think no bullet mag (as in AA off) would feel better.


The reduced magnetism is noticeable. I’m able to dodge pellets and don’t seem to get downed around corners. Also, I can still reasonably lands shots. However, sometimes when I hard aim and it looks like I hit a solid spread and then it’ll say I did like 6%. I feel like hip fire is still the more consistent option.

I really only notice the speed difference on long slides. It’s not a drastic change to me eyes.

My biggest disappointment is that the UP A is still borderline indefensible, even with the speed boost reduction. I’m still getting gibbed by the UP A before I even see the person move from cover.

It still feels like a viable weapon. It’s strong enough for a solo player to take someone down when caught in the open, which I feel like it should be. The problem is when you get 2+ lancers sighted on you, you’re done. Personally, I would like to see 4v4 for KOTH to see what impact that would have on lancering. I imagine it would be much easier to break strong setups with less players on the field.


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It feels like I’m playing gears 2 connection wise . It’s just random who kills who it’s a joke

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So first impressions, I’m optimistic.

I like the forcing people to be more accurate, it feels good. You can dodge shots more, the battles are more prolonged. It’s a nice change. The side effect of this though is that bouncing is even stronger and the slide speed change isn’t enough to balance it, especially now that the Lancer is even weaker. I almost wonder if slowing down movement speed in general would be a good change overall to promote more thoughtful, tactical combat as opposed to everyone bouncing around and spamming shots.

I also feel like the damage at range on the Gnasher is too low considering you’re requiring people to be more accurate. I’m not saying it needs a monster buff but hitting solid shots at medium range isn’t rewarding enough. I also don’t like the gib range either. It’s too short in the tuning we have in the rest of the game right now and I also feel like it’s too short in this one. It’s also a big reason why the Gnasher feels so inconsistent, because the gib range itself feels too short and inconsistent.

Only other thing that jumps out is Up-A’s are still too prevalent. Gears 5 as it stands is too focused on everyone just trying to Up-A each other all the time and I’d like to see it toned down in some way.


Bout to play somemore

But the slide speed needs to stay at 650 at the very least. If anything increase it. But i doubt tht will ever happen.

Game feels clunky. Hoping its because I don’t have " GHOST HOST" Today.

Moving In Mud
I like that you guys are trying but nerfing LITERALLY EVERYTHING doesnt really change the game. It just makes everything slower.
Slowing the slide speed doesnt improve this game.
You still get UP A’d and wrap around.
Its just slower.
Again. Im going to play some more



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this is probably the most enjoyable version of gears 5 to me so far. The slide speed is in a good spot, makes for more interesting fights. Good job TC :^)


These changes feel a lot better for gears.Here are a couple points:

Movement - feels a lot more like Gears with the slower slide speed and it is not noticed as much unless you do a long slide. short to medium slides still felt normal to me, even though I know they are slower.

Gnasher - Loving the new consistency with the new magnetism changes and slide speed change. Makes using the shotgun feel like more of an art. Nothing in gears should be RNG.

Lancer - have not used this yet. But the change on paper seems like it will be an improvement

Other - Weapon swap speed should be made slower.

Other than this, loving this new tuning. Definitely the foundation Gears should build off of