Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist - September 8th

Hey Gears Fans!
This is the official thread for you to provide feedback on the Developer Playlist!
We will be listening to and reading your comments, and dropping in to ask questions as necessary! Dev tuning is an option in custom matches .


And Opened!
Please keep posts to what is going on in the Playlist!


The gnasher has been buffed tremendously, It doesn’t reward skill whatsoever, half a shot (6 pellets out of 12) Outside of chunk range does 75% damage and two thirds of a shot (8 pellets) chunks …it butchers the methodical playstyle. Like why would I take my time, aim and shoot if I don’t have to hit the spread to kill. Just a partial shot will do it. ): Having said that I’m glad the round up system is gone. Percentages at least make sense now and hitting 12 pellets means something. And has magnetism really been reduced again for lancer and gnasher? If it has been I’m guessing it was done very lightly?


Is there supposed to be no wall cancelling in the developer playlist? I like it a lot but just wondering since I see it only says that for classic execution. Gnasher definitely feels stronger or just more consistent. Feels close to gears 3 to em personally

Keep going the slower more strategic gears that made it popular and the high level and pros want please


Make it more methodical. And yeah the gnasher is way too OP. ): 6 pellets outside chunk range does 75% damage. Supposedly the lancer and gnasher magnetism was reduced a bit more but I’m still doing damage while shooting around the character so I’m guessing it was only very slightly reduced.

Maybe that combined with consistency changes is making it. It’s not gears 2 range but it feels real good. I feel like I’m dieing to less BS

Probably due to no wall cancelling and people dieing from someone not looking at them. I really hope they seriously consider it but I know this forum would whine soooo much about it. They love spamming their A button thinking it makes them good

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4v4 for KotH is much, much worse than 5v5 in my opinion. Losing two players just slows the game down and creates way too much downtime.


I’m enjoying the developer playlist quite a bit, the change to the bounce is pretty nice but I’m unsure about the damage change to the gnasher, I’m going to have to play a bit more before I can form a true opinion

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Played a few rounds and I had a lot of the same issues from classic @the-coalition programming. Point blank shots not registering, pulling the trigger and delayed gunfire.

I know this is off topic a bit but until you fix your net-coding the game will continue to feel broken even if you have the perfect tuning and movement. You will continue to lose players like you did under the last management team.


The gnasher is too OP, 6 pellets half a spread does 75% damage outside chunk range… used to be 50% and now two thirds of a spread 8 pellets chunk you instead of 9. The gnasher literally requires no skill to use. The removal of the round up system is great but they buffed the gnasher way too much,


Keep koth 5v5. It’s fun and fast paced at 5v5. You cant change your whole entire game cause the a small portion of community is saying 4v4. Koth has been great for years at 5v5 so I suggest leave it.


Is not being able to wall cancel supposed to be in the dev playlist? I first played classic execution but realised wall cancel was not a thing init so thought ok that is classic exe from gears 1, I was looking forward to giving it a go. I then played the dev playlist looking forward to see the new tunings, I did not expect wall cancel to not be in this as well? Is this something to expect to come into the full game if so, that’s is pretty bad changing the gameplay that drastically and to get used to it again for the 4th or so time in a year.

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Tuning feels pretty good. Weapons feel really strong. On the gnasher, it’s fun to be on the giving end but not the receiving end. I’ve been 2 shot downed a lot.

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All of gears’ mechanics seem unnecessarily complicated. Hopefully they can still Iron some of this out.

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alright I’ve played a little bit more and I can say I definitely like this, hope this gets implemented soon


This feels alot better playing for a good amount of time, TC keeps doing great things, hope this gets to the live game soon

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For Christ sake get rid of this stupid ■■■ speed boost, it’s cheaper then 2 piecing.

Constantly wasting time with these stupid ■■■ beta test when all people just look for is the first corner they can find and up A or wrap shot.

Honestly looks like people are teleporting. I see people take cover then back away from the cover just so they can hit the corner and use insta-transmission While simultaneously shooting like they’re Goku.

You have delays on everything else, put a ■■■■■■■ delay on the speed boost. Solve 80% of bs in this game. Why you are at it reduce the range of the Gnasher and gib range.

I’ve never seen a gears so inconsistent then gears 5 came a year ago.