Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist October

Hey COGs! We Want Your Feedback on the recent Developer playlist! You now the drill :wink: We will be listening to and reading your comments, and dropping in to ask questions as necessary!

If you aren’t sure where to find it - Dev tuning is an option in custom matches

Edit - Dev Playlist updates:

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Where is the list of all differences in dev playlist to normal playlist situated?
In a “whats up” or “this week in gears” or twtter ??

Think it could be helpfull if u could post these in ur post so ppl no what they can give input on.

I can remember something about longshot being changed in 2 aspects, 50% less magnetisim and standing still hip fire always hits the same spot.
Also i think there was an increase in spread to macs face… Oh no i mean gnasher, silly me.

Thanks and have a nice day


Melee nerf is also an improvement, havent played enough to feel the full effects of the melee. But I feel the issue since launch is the melee bails our players that are losing a fight. I feel like this could have skipped the dev playlist and entered the full game.

The gnasher spread is in a good spot in this update. I like the idea of the LT and hipfire spread being closer to the same. I think the gnasher having a slightly wider spread than this is possible as well, if the movement is slowed down more. Which brings me to my next point:

I think the movement Acceleration needs lowered across the board (roadie, slide, etc). The current acceleration speed tends to make things so unpredictable that the skillful play and decision making is replaced by chance and randomness.

Longshot: I love the improved accuracy. I hit a double blindfire that was definitely not something that would happen prior. I am for the removal of rng, but think the magnetism should be brought down further. Maybe to 15-20%.

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My wall bouncing is not random. It looks random so u don’t hit me.

Does that mean the spread is higher or lower with the hard aim


I tried 2 times playing it but after 30 + 30 minutes I gave up (faster matchmaking).
Good luck with Gears 5, I’m out to play a free game (Rogue companion ) with better netcode, hitbox, balance, and more weapons.


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Sniper feels very easy mode now, lol. I don’t know about this change but it’s whatever.

Standing still briefly already made popshots very accurate pre-patch.

Longshot or any sniper like weapon(T-Bow, Markza, Boltok, Embar) shouldn’t have any bullet magnetism like Gears 3 was

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The 50% reduced magnetism and stationary precision changes to the longshot are great. The longshot being a PRECISION weapon makes a helluva lot more sense now, So could you please reduce the magnetism and aim assist for every other precision weapon as well? We are glad that the longshot actually requires some skill, It used to be so very overpowered that anyone could hit hat-tricks consistently without a day of practice in, hence no learning curve, hence boring tbh.
UNFORTUNATELY, I read the latest update and couldn’t find the improvements to the longshot or any other precision weapon implemented so far … hope those are to be included soon. :confused: Would hate for the xbox series X to release and Gears 5 not be truly ready yet. I’m not ready to give it up :frowning:

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I know arcades are not a hot a big thing but I would love to see a Gears of War arcade machine made to play like a Gears version of Time Crisis.