Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist - Cover slide speed has been reduced from 650 to 600

On the server I got into it seems everyone tested the lancer and walking speed and seat duration in one place.

TC, I know that you do not like to talk about new content. In OP4 are you going to give everyone a pickaxe, right?

And we can play in Gears Of Walk 5 after school, yeah?

I hope we see this in game next week. Another step in the right direction. Great job TC.


Hell yeah. TC.


The game feels 1000000 times better, please make this change the game plays better and its actualy more fun


So far I am enjoying the beta playlist. Reducing the sliding speed certainly feels like it is a step in the right direction. One of my main issues with a high sliding speed is that it encourages players to Up A very often. I believe that a faster sliding speed leads to players Up A’ing more frequently. It leads to an abused mechanic rather than a type of shot that can be tactically used. This beta playlist seems like it has reduced the frequency of Up A’s since the sliding speed has been lowered. Reducing the sliding speed just a tad bit more might make the Up A more skillful.

The Up A certainly has its place in gears, but it should not be a mechanic that is so heavily abused in multiplayer. To make the game as skillful and tactical as possible, keep the sliding speed around like 590ish-600. I am not sure what anything less than 600 would feel like since we have not tried it in gears 5 yet.

I advocate for a balanced gameplay. Although fast movement and Up A’s feel smooth, I think that it diminishes a competitive feel. On the other hand, having gears play out too slowly is boring. I like the direction that the movement is heading in, but making the sliding speed just a tad bit slower might lead to positive change. Thanks!


I’m still waiting for them to reverse their anti-consumer approach and put pro-consumer accessibility options back in like private versus XP/medals, something they stated would have come back in OP3 and had no business being taken out to begin with. I understand Papa Microsoft wants to force everyone into an anti-consumer Online only model, but the fans come first and many not only expect those features, but they won’t stick with your game without them. Now I know some ignorant people will try to argue or say some incredibly stupid low brow ■■■■ like “get good” (I refuse to misspell it), but there is absolutely no logical reason why you removed these features. Rank/level means nothing, all the content is cosmetic, everyone is on the same playing field… What someone does for THEIR entertainment is their business, and affects nobody on the competitive side. Furthermore, no, Co-op VS AI is not a suitable replacement, half the problem with the game is the community, of which many are the most toxic in the industry. When your own team (which is nearly 1 person in every game without question) actively tries to make the game worse, there’s simply no reason to continue playing.

There are lots of things about this game that need to be fixed, and the community is great at letting you know that, however this is an incredibly severe issue that never should have been and is easy to fix. Why it takes this long to bring it back is insane. When 75% of the medals can be earned in private horde or escape, and playing those privately still gives you all the XP you would naturally earn playing any other online mode, it really begs the question as to why you intentionally cut it out of private versus. Either put it back, or remove it from the other private modes as well and watch as your fanbase drops by half overnight.

This is exactly what gow needs I hope it’s implemented thank you!

EDIT: One thing I think should be looked at though is the projectile speed of things like the lancer, I think they should be slowed down to make the lancer less constricting when being shot across the map


Guys remember this is a developer playlist not a game wide change. There’s no need to be so venomous with your replies, just let them know you don’t like the change and/or different things about movement need to change instead without all the name calling and abuse. You aren’t gonna make Gears 5 into the game you want by bashing TC over the head with a hammer repeatedly. Just voice your opinion without all the toxic filler so they can take it into the statistics and considerations and you might find you get what you want for the game. Be decent people

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The slower slide is noticeable but isn’t a problem. Still feels right.

Might be in my mind, but it seems like the slide distance has increased.

Overall I’m ok with the change.

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I like it. Also means a guy 20 miles away can’t up-a gib you around a corner between your shots. I know you’re supposed to wait for the right moment to shoot, but to the current extent, it’s kinda ridiculous.


I agree Up A is penalizing players for using cover. Gears is a cover based game so why penalize a player for using cover? Makes no sense. Most of the time a shot wraps around cover when implying Up A. Why? Cover is meant to be beneficial to a player not a negative aspect. Up A is broken. Fix the melee damage too. Why make a melee hit right after shooting positive? Using the melee was meant for desperate situations. Now you can just run, melee, then shoot. TC is making changes to make Gears feel like Gears again. So I’m hoping that TC is actually listening to the players. Especially the players that made Gears a popular title for the Xbox. The players that stuck with the game thru thick and thin.

But overall I’m glad TC is trying to make Gears feel like Gears again. Thanks TC. Good update hopefully it gets implied in the future.


I do not like the movement change it feels that its makes the game clunky imo not “more tactical” as people keep suggesting and it feels unneeded would NOT like to see it come to the live game!

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The lancer uses hit scan detection, not projectiles.

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Gears of war is a pop n lock cover based shooter, you aren’t meant to rush people like a idiot 24/7, atleast in gears 3 there was skill gap in coordination and the gnasher took skill to use.


woah really :thinking: that’s probably why it feels so crazy it use to not be like that

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Any reason beta playlist doesn’t have bot backfilling like other quickplay modes?

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They never bothered to implement bots in the playlist because they want players to give them feedback.


The slide speed decrease is great.

Now just decrease the damage and size of the clip for the lancer to balance it out.

Also, gnasher is used in too many scenarios it shouldn’t be used in. Why is the long range damage and poke range damage as strong as it is? People are failing to utilize the “correct” weapon in the “appropriate” scenario a lot of the times because the gnasher is too versatile from many ranges than what it should mainly be intended for. A strong shotgun is by all means understood, but at the appropriate ranges. The gnasher can be consistent and strong in close to quarters and at medium range, but not be so overpowered in such long range scenarios.


I just want to say that if u’ll sell another expensive bundle as carmine’s dont do stupid things and re-sell the skins individual, that was annoying for all of us… AND FIX THE AWFULL GNASHER

Yeah… i think i’ll make my own motto for the gnasher since it has inverted accuracy.

I’m tired of noobs point blanking, just bring back the skillful gnasher TC.

  • Bring back our glorious gears 3 gnasher!
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