Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist - Cover slide speed has been reduced from 650 to 600

Hi All

The next Developer Playlist is now live. We’re looking at movement and have reduced the cover slide speed has been reduced from 650 to 600.

Make sure to give it a try and post your feedback in this thread.



useless to nerf lancer if you reduce speed cover. Gears 5 is a fail because lancer is too strong, i bought gears of war not call of duty. Gears 4 is better cause slide cover is very fast so you can dodge shots, in gears 5 it is impossible.


Seriously TC what are you thinking ?


The movement speed doesn’t need to be slowed down. It feels horrible.

Have you forgotten the lancer made maps and angels, with the 40 round mag and insane stopping power ???

I’m confident you guys don’t know how to balance the game.

Movement was great in Op 2, I don’t mind OP 3 but it did stop me from playing the game a lot. I still play everyday but not for long.

Leave the movement alone, no one asked for it to be slowed down.


You’ve lost so much confidence and trust from the community, this is not the way.

Do not interpret this change into ranked or i will most likely leave.


Feels kinda slow . Maybe 50 units it’s way too much? 630 might be the sweet spot


Dejen el movimiento como está, no es necesario bajarle


Just don’t touch the movement, it’s fine. They have no idea what they are doing. Slowing movement is a no if the lancer has insane stopping power and the maps are made to lancer.



I just tried out the cover slide speed. Personally I am not a fan of it. The cover slide has always been a traditional way to evade bullets and shells. I thought the cover slide in previous week was just right, I would even try to increase the speed to 700 and see how that feels. By slowing down cover speed, players have an easier time shooting you.



Game feels great on this slip speed. Much more balanced. Holding your shot for someone who is trying to up a is rewarded much more. The game still allows for aggressive movement AND punishment for this style of play. Overall great change and should be implemented as fast as possible into live gameplay. Feels like another step towards that old gears. Again, I feel that I should emphasize that this change did not gut aggressive playstyle/pushing people or position. This was definitely a much needed nerf which now allows for a more complete gears experience. Really feels like smart play and thinking during fights matters more. Fights don’t feel like whoever can slide the most or Wallbounce the fastest wins. In conclusion, please implement this change. I can already see people complaining that it is now impossible to push people or use movement with this change. This is not the case. Now aggressive players need to ACTUALLY THINK about how they are going to approach a fight. 9/10 the people who say they need fast pace movement to push literally just apply the same method of play to EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. This is not healthy to gears. If wallbouncing to get a defender to shoot early and then sliding into him works everytime, then that means something is not balanced. Every fight in gears should be a unique and thought driven experience. This allows for multiple play styles to exist. What we have now in our current meta is “who can slide the fastest, who can cancel their slide the fastest, who can bounce the fastest” etc. Speed should not be the determining factor in every single fight. There is very little to no thought behind doing an action fast. Sure it takes mechanical skill, but this mechanical skill with respects to being the fastest should not be as successful as it currently is. So please remember, it’s not that using movement in fights does not work now. NOW YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT YOUR MOVEMENT.


@mjrdecision not to try and derail this thread but when are you guys gonna be more active on here like you said in a dev stream WEEKS ago?

Pinning a feedback thread isnt really being active and the community here is tired of being 3rd fiddle to your official forums (twitter) and reddit


No, it’s too slow. Movement was fine, leave it alone. They have over things to work on. Lancer has insane stopping power. If this is implemented I’m gone. Op 2 was the best, 3 is fine. This is terrible.


Gears of war desperately needed movement to slow down a little bit, loving it !


Dejen el movimiento como estava es incómodo el movimiento que reducieron de 650 a 600 dejenlo en 650 que bueno que lo pusieron primero para probarlo pero no me gustó dejenlo en 650


I have already played 5 games, the movement I do not like, it seems a bit unnecessary to me personally I do not like it, if you want to continue I recommend 630 or 640


Not looking at weapon damages, this feels a lot better. It’s easier to keep up with an opponents movements while also keeping the ability to be aggressive. This change would be a lot better if it was combined with more aim assist nerfs(with aim assist on and off) on the shotgun and rifle damages being reduced.

Overall, good step in the right direction.


Haven’t played it yet as I’m working, and I’ll update this post once I do (with an open mind), but I wanted to give my 2 cents and make sure that this is seen by the devs. I strongly feel that the problem with the movement in the game isn’t the slide speed, it’s the gameplay leading up to the slide, and basic movements being hard to predict thanks to the lack of momentum in the game. You can see what I’m talking about in this video.

Update after playing the Dev playlist:

The movement speed is too slow in my opinion.

  1. There is too much of a reward for staying stationary and in cover. Pushing someone is almost impossible, which can create stagnant gameplay.
  2. Skill gap seems to be lessened. As an Onyx/Diamond player, I was unable to really differentiate any player’s skill level from the others in the game (outside of the players who were still trying to Up A every fight). It was actually harder to hit shots on players walk strafing than bouncing (due to the momentum issues I discuss in the video).
  3. Outside of combat, rotating around the map wasn’t fun. Over years of playing the game, I’ve learned the fastest ways to move around the map, and it feels like an art getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Rotations were painful and boring, and hopping onto ledges was lethargic at best, and honestly, a majority of the time spent in Gears is running around the map, and that needs to be fun and engaging.

Edit #2: After reading through the thread, a lot of people are saying they like the “ability to react to an Up A”. I’m curious if putting out another dev playlist with momentum (if possible), but keep the movement speed at 650, would help solve that problem.


This doesnt change movement speed. It changes speed in which you slide into cover, which was already explained almost 3 weeks ago why the slide speed needed to be changed.


Seems good.
Now just add some cooldown to stop hyperbouncing or some momentum and we’re getting there.


Haven’t had a chance to try it out myself, but I like the sound of the change. This game needs to be slowed down. Gears 1 and 2 succeeded (I use that term loosely) with slow movement. Once the game(s) pick up speed, it gets too silly.


No, I’m not interested in eliminating hyper bouncing. It’s already a big risk with no health regen. Maybe hold your shot instead of shooting as fast as the gun can fire?

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