Official Feedback thread for Developer Playlist - adhesion and active reload changes

Hey Gears fans!

This is the official thread for you to provide feedback on the Developer Playlist. We will be listening to your comments and dropping into to ask questions, as needed. - Dana


Thank you about to try it out.


How can we test these out? Where is the developer playtest?

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Quick play all the way to the right BETA: TUNING PREVIEW.


Can’t wait to try this out. The games experience has always felt at least 40% better for me when aim adhesion isn’t involved .

When they removed the main game mode I played w/o it, I pretty much lost all incentive to play as regularly as I was.

I know the active changes are going to be nice too but I’m sure the lancer is going to feel considerably weaker for most players.

Much better, really like the active reload. Thanks.


I usually don’t post but this playlist is excellent it’s truly what gears 5 should’ve been from the start


Will pop on later.

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Great active reload, more skillful.


First, a huge ‘Thank you’ for giving the community a chance to test/try some possible changes, AND to give us the chance to provide meaningful feedback before said changes get made.

Second, can’t wait to get home and try this playlist. It sounds fun!


It really does.

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So much better. Please keep


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I’m split. I like it but it is harder to land shots. And lancer is definitely harder to use and aim. Question, is the gnasher damage and shot distance the same in the beta as it is in the game cause I love the gnasher distance and damage we have had the past weeks.


I feel like the aiming is more natural with this. I’ve always felt like something pulled me away more than it aided me. Adhesion must have been what I’ve been feeling. Definitely feels better to play like this.

The active reload change? Not so much. Not that it can’t be learned, but I see no reason to change something that is muscle memory. I had to watch it each time instead of playing. Takes away from the experience.


Hey! Active lancer still seems to be on in the playlist

Really? Very glad you guys are finally doing this…been asking for a long time. Hope we see more of these or something akin to competitive 2.0 from gears 4!

For some reason we still have actives in the game mode for our lancer and snub

The reload speed change is rubbish , why change that when nobody has complained about it ever . You do this all the time , change stuff no one asks wasting time on it when you should be changing what people want . Or save all this trouble and put gears 4 settings instead .