Officer prerogative stack with spotter support?

Just wondering

The Officer’s Perogative affects targets marked by you.

Spotter Support affects targets marked by team mates.


Like @Bleeding_Pepper Officer perogative is for you and spotter support is for your teammates. You can get 1 or the other on a mark not both.

Got it, and if a teammate marks a target, there is no way i can mark it?

There is no way that you can have 2 marks on a target if that’s what you are asking. In order for both to work there have to be 2 separate marks (you and a teammate) which would drop both sets of artilities on 1 target plus the initial drop which would just be insane. . Once a teammate marks a target you cannot mark it until it wears off. Thats why its advised for demo to mark bosses because it drop 2 sets of artilities on 1 target instead of 1. The supporter support card only give you 1 set of artility on ally marks while officer progressive give you an extra drop along with the initial drop.

Really? Huh. Because it absolutely shows two marks on bosses by the way. Not saying they both hit, but two people can mark one target.

Either way, you should be running both cards.

I’m reasonably sure that if Player B marks an enemy which Player A had marked, it over-rides it and applies Player B’s mark.

This can’t be done immediately though. It usually happens after about 2-3 seconds.

However due to a visual glitch player A’s mark symbol remains in place and doesn’t get replaced with Player B’s one.

In Escape there have been occasions where I’ve played as Keegan/Tactician with Recharge Bounty. A team mate would mark an enemy, I would over-mark it and my character would say something like “enemy marked!” and whoever kills it gets a chunk of their ultimate cooldown reduced which clearly indicates that my mark was applied (despite the symbol not changing as I have Recharge Bounty equipped).


Beetlecorn told me a while back that second mark applies almost instantly even though you might not see second player’s mark on the enemy.


I have seen the same enemy get artillery’d multiple times, and the only way that could happen is if multiple marks are valid on a target.

Interesting. I wonder if there’s just a delay in the cues? Normally the verbal and audio cues don’t occur for a couple of seconds. I presumed it’s just a small cooldown. Good to know.


Thats if a demo spot it there will be multiple set of artilitys. There not suppose to be more than 2 drops of artilities on a target if it is then demos ultimate is broken but the years i been playing demo never seen more than 2 drops on 1 target.

I’ve seen this [two sets of artillery shells dropped] happen a few times before - it’s not a regular thing and is fairly rare. I haven’t noticed any patterns - I’ve seen it happen to bosses, heavy enemies like DR1’s as well as Drone-sized enemies.

At one point I simply wondered if it’s an illusion caused by two enemies being marked close together (for example by the Tactician’s Interrogation skill), and one of them dying before the Artillery shells drop. As I understand it, the artillery shells drop in sequence one at a time. If a marked enemy dies, shells still drop down at the last location before it dies so it can look as though two lots of shells are dropped. I wonder if this might explain it?

They should give us a testing room where we can spawn enemies and use different settings such as unlimited ultimate the same way the avengers game has

Kestrels in Swarmaks seem to be able to be marked in multiple places. If you zap them with Jack or interrogate something, you can see it happen.

If our mark cant override the team member mark thats pretty dumb, basically by being helped by the team we do less damage

For me this only (and almost always) happens when at least one player has another target marked when dropping the Ultimate (Spotter Support).

Regarding overriding another players mark, yes this is possible with any class. But you will not see the updated mark, instead only the mark from the first player who marked it. Even if the other players mark timer expires or marks another enemy, the old mark will still be shown.