Offically mastered all Hives!

Shoutout out to MxC Sasuke and ELEAZARGAOR117 for helping me with my last hive.!


Well done!


Nice m8,

Welcome to the club!

Which one was the most difficult you think?

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I’m just missing one. The Surge. That’ll be fun.


It used to be easy. After they changed it cause apparently people were speedrunning it too easy, it’s become a ridiculous nightmare if you don’t have a really good team, and even then it’s still stupid.

Only hive I haven’t yet mastered is The Choke. Partially because it’s really boring and I was content with just doing it on Inconceivable, but mostly because I don’t want any of those creepy Niles skins in my inventory.


Congrats! Not an easy feat.


I found with the introduction and investment in Cole, it is so easy to Master hives. The last one I did was the newest one, Lethal Engagement. All mastered too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Venom run is pure BS. At first I thought people were exaggerating but something seriously is wrong with the flashes on that hive. The warren also took me some time to master just because it felt like I the juvies just kept flanking over and over.I think in general, the hardest part about escape is finding good teammates. How about you?


Congrats OP😎

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It really isn’t as bad as ppl make it out to be.

Amen to that.


I bet Clay, Mac and Cole would be a good team for The Surge.

You we’re really good as keegan the other day, awesome infact…i’ll give you that!

Lizzie,Clay and keegan if you cleared the first room on the right side to start, it would be much easier now if you had a salvo each…running the right setup.?

I thought the Gauntlet was very hard.
Ice Queen as well.

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Gauntlet can go south real quick if people can’t manage stress or just generally have no idea what they’re doing. Same for IQ.

Thanks I guess? I don’t even main Keegan, though I recently tried to finally get the cards to max.

We went Clay, Lizzie, Lahni but that was pre-carmines-nerf. Lahni is still golden though. Just bait everything into the venom and she can clear the first chapter almost by herself. Same for the huge area in ch2, fire into the rooms and run back to the venom.

Clay can use his concussive explosives to stun the enemies using the Salvos. He can also use Ultimate Battery to help with ultimate charging as well. I remember using his ultimate and getting shot by a Mulcher and I saw Mac and Cole’s ultimates go from 20 or so percent all the way to full.

This is definitely the truth!!


Well played

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I just did the Surge on Master. I was Clay and I had a Mac and Lahni. I stunned the Scions and Pouncers with a Salvo and used a Torque Bow and Boomshot for stunning as well. Lahni beat up the stunned Scions and Mac helped with the bleeding. We did it first try.
Also, Clayton’s ultimate made short work of the Mulchers and it got Mac and Lahni’s ultimates ready.


The Warren and Ice Queen are nightmares. Also, The Line with the buffed Scions. Hellish. Good job, OP. If they make this a requirement for Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 then you’re already ahead of the game.