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Made this for @GB6_Kazuya too :laughing:


You both just want him to have nightmares, don’t you?

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Interesting read, much obliged :+1:.

I did see some Grunt dialogue on Reddit a while back, they never disappoint!

The Brutes saying “Don’t worry fellas, he can’t aim!” cracked me up.

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So I’ve also seen that the Brutes can throw Grunts. While that seems hilarious, I’ve yet to see it for myself.

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Got my first win with Leon in my first match already. Both Leon and Claire look great in the engine but bummed out they didn’t get alt costumes. Feels kinda less effort then the Chris and Jill collab.

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Bummed Jill didnt return, shes my favorite character.

How could you?! I didn’t reply earlier because I had to swiftly log out and watch Vader terrorise some innocents just to restore my sanity.

That video went on for far too long!

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I’ve just finished the main story and one of two DLCs. The last DLC (which I haven’t started yet) is directly linked to Alan Wake and apparently a couple of characters appear in it in some form.

I’ve really enjoyed Control. It’s paced well and had enough mystery to keep me hooked. It’s open-world in lower-case - the game universe is relatively small compared to the big game universes like Assassin’s Creed or The Division. But most importantly there isn’t much flab in the game. The game is much shorter than those big Ubisoft games which can take 150+ hours to complete (including side missions etc) which left me feeling drained and exhausted by the end. Control is very close to being perfect in terms of length and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

There are some reoccurring radiant side-missions like “kill 10 enemies in area A” or “kill 3 of this-enemy-type”, but they’re optional and you don’t have to accept or activate them so they don’t even clutter up your mission menu. The actual non-radiant side missions are interesting and add more background information to fill out the lore, so it doesn’t feel like they’re divorced from the main game. Basically everything you do in the side missions contribute to the telling of the main story, unlike some open world games and RPG’s where side-missions often involve doing errands and chores for some work shy peasant.

The special abilities are fun and make the game interesting too. Whether it’s combat using telekinesis-style powers or a sort of super-jump-and-glide ability for the platform-y sections.

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Sounds promising, I wish I got it originally when it came out. I’ll be getting it soon.

Thanks for this post. :ok_hand:

So uhm, how is Halo Infinite these days? I’ve seen it being like Operation 3 or something like that, so chances are it’s becoming more enjoyable than when it launched? Is there any kind of PvE so that sweaty players are actually helping me? Lol.

Is the campaign really worth playing?

(And yes the answer is installing it and see for myself. However it’s like a 80GB download. That translates to a 8-10 hour download around here >_>)

Aside from the campaign in coop, sadly not. Firefight hasn’t returned and the one from Halo 5 hasn’t either.

The campaign is reasonably good but not a patch on many older Halo titles. The story is decent enough.

The open-world nature of it suffers from the same issues as alot of open-world shooters nowadays - like alot of the Ubisoft games. Graphically it’s lovely to look at but it suffers from samey repetitive landscapes and feels a bit empty. It’s the same green fields, mountains, and occasional Forerunner facilities.

In terms of multiplayer, I can’t comment too much on it as I’ve not played it very much. It seemed to play quite well but for whatever reason it just didn’t draw me in. I think I’ve just gone off Halo as a PVP experience (or maybe for me personally it’s just a PVP thing altogether?)

I suppose the question is, what orher games would you be playing in place of Halo: Infinite? I’d say there are better games out there for sure, but it’s not a bad choice either. Maybe set up the download so you’re doing something else for the period of time.

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Just finished playing Call of Cthulhu - a sort of 1st person detective game with survival horror-lite overtures. It doesn’t rely on jumpscares which is a nice change, and as with Cthulhian Mythos / Lovecraftian Horror it’s pretty creepy and can be quite trippy.

Maybe it’s just me, but the vast majority of stories (and I mean any media whether it be videogame, book or movie) which rely heavily on mystery, the final pay-off almost certainly feels like a bit of a let down compared to the actual journey and build up. But this probably is a “me” thing.

As a game it’s very short. The detective sections are disappointing and it basically holds your hand throughout. Once you know what to do, the chapters can be completed very quickly so I guess it’s the sort of game which works well on your first go, but lacks depth for more than one. It’s also very linear as well so you can’t back track to previous locations or even replay previously completed chapters (which is a bit of a pain). A couple of chapters felt a bit like a walking simulator.

The insanity effects doesn’t seem to do anything in the actual game and merely affects what endings are available to you (there are 4 possible endings which are determined by your actions and choices).

Storywise I enjoyed it alot, although it does feel like it runs out of steam at the end. As a game, it doesn’t totally work and feels like it lacks alot of depth.

File under A for “average”. Luckily I didn’t pay full-price for it.

So I just dug around for info on the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West and it is only going to be available on the PS5(and presumably PC whenever it gets released on that platform, if at all… Zero Dawn eventually was).

The only consolation I have is that if I do choose to get a PS5, I don’t think I need to buy the game again.


I forgot to say, I got a shot of it on Monday. You boys were right, it was amazing. The level of effort and detail is phenomenal! Loving the additions to combat with the knife too, certainly helps since they’ve CLEARLY added far more Ganados. Ganados who seemingly follow you absolutely Eve everywhere this time!

The ONLY thing I was annoyed about was it was played on relatively low volume during daytime. This sickened me to my core but didn’t have much of a choice. I’d rather 3am pitch black darkness with a headset on.

Anyway it was beautiful and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing the rest of the game!

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Fortunately, or unfortunately, based on your perspective, I have never been a console or PC master race “fan boy” and do not waste my time with such unworthy, preconceived notions that one platform is superior over another and that you should never touch them because of that.

And my hand is somewhat tied here unless I want to wait an undetermined amount of time to play that DLC, and hope the internet’s horrible tendency to spoil things without care doesn’t ruin any surprises it has for me(that aren’t obvious at first glance, and thus wouldn’t be a surprise, but you get the idea) in that time.

Not that it is my business or anything, but are you spending €500 on a console just to play a DLC? :thinking:

I’m currently not contemplating it, no.

Much as I am tempted by it.

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