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I know the feeling 100%. He basically was my childhood. Irreplaceable.


Why is it that JRPG’s all involve either killing God with the power of friendship; or saving the world with the power of friendship (or a combination of both)?

I mean, I don’t claim to have played tons of JRPG’s or anything, but it feels like all of the ones I have played involve this trope.


They also tend to start with lower tier quests, like rescuing a cat

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Now, I don’t know much about Japan and Japanese society, but maybe it’s just the normal thing for high school kids to do in order to get work experience so they have something on their CV? Can’t get a gig as a mechanic/nurse/train driver/chef? Rescue 10 cats!


Has anyone ever come across a game where the A button (the green one) is used to DELETE a game file?


Well the ■■■■■■■ emulation of Double Dragon 3 on XBL does. ■■■■■■■ dogshite.

Now why would they pick A of all things?

Oh dear.

I should have clarified, but what I meant was that you literally press A on it and poof! The file is gone. You’d have thought that pressing A on it would select it to load right? But no… you can’t load saved games from the main menu. You have to start a new game, pause, and THEN go into the save file menu (where the A button enables you to load saved games). Silly me! I’m such a clutz when it comes to video games!

And these emulators are extremely poor and insufferable as it is anyway. The controls are so unresponsive. Urgh. I basically had to save-scum my way through it.

I’d say this looks pretty neat.


@GB6_Kazuya bringing the convo here out of the other thread. OG RE3 is my favorite RE so my disappointment was immeasurable after playing the remake. I took my sweet time on my very first playthrough and the game was still only 5 hours. I will say there are some good things about the game though.

The character designs are really good, especially Jill and Carlos. All the characters are way better in this game too, everyone has an actual personality now. The gameplay is probably the best of the remakes and the music is really good (especially the new take on the staff and credits theme, you know what im talking about).

But the game cut so much content from the original which makes it probably the worst remake ever created. Good game, horrendous remake. Its like Capcom hates RE3 and Jill for some reason.

RE3R was outsourced and Team 2 made Village so Team 1(same people who made RE2R) have been working on RE4R since 2019. From the trailers ive seen, RE4 looks godly. They are imroving and adding onto the game while keeping what matters the same and respecting the original game. Which is what a remake is supposed to do.

Why? It was boring anyway!

Only joking, good Doctor :joy:.

I hear you, I loved it as well. I got it on both PS1 and GameCube. It was just insane! Like that lovey situation where your health was “caution”, you had made healthy progress but had yet to save by reaching a safe room and getting the bloody ink ribbon (which I heard didn’t return) from the crate and you were halfway down an alleyway knowing that a single step would change the camera angle and you’d hear a door opening. Good times :joy:.

So I fully agree with the disappointment when this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I mean they had Mr X chase you for the vast majority of the game so I fully expected Nemesis to be worse considering it was the best thing about the game! It’s insulting how they got it so wrong.

I’m not surprised compared to the wooden acting and limited animations back then!
(I do know, yes.)

5 hours at a stretch just isn’t right. How disrespectful can you be! Don’t want to know what sections aren’t in it, I’ll find out in time, but knowing how they massacred my boy I’m pre-pissed off.

Capcom made a big mistake. The originals are legendary and GRAVELY important, so they should have put all resources into the project and delayed Village. You can’t remake a remake so really this was their only shot. I’m sure fans would have understood and been patient enough.

Aye, I know. Like I said above, splitting resources was the single worst thing they could’ve done if quality really matter to them. Sure the gameplay is great, as you covered, but the lack of content transferred from the original game is just unforgivable!

Well said here as well, that’s exactly how a remake should be.

RE4R certainly does look amazing. I just want to see Albert, one of my heroes :joy:.

Maybe after RE3R I can have time to pla…wait, no. Halo Infinite. Curses!

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You’re really still not missing too much. Yeah, the campaign is decent but depending on how you go through it, it’s probably going to take around 8-10 hours, 24 max I’d say. MP, well, it’s PvP only and the gunplay is good but the rest might leave a thing or two to be desired.

At least they finally put coop campaign in… still with no splitscreen, because a clueless developer working on a flagship title with resource management problems while working under the banner of one of the richest companies in the world is the norm today.

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I know what you mean. I’ve read plenty about it (mostly here actually, probably from you) to know of the disappointing factors but still, I plan on fully completing it at some point. Campaign will be good no doubt but I was looking forward to PvP for something different yet similar to old school Halo.

Co-Op not LAUNCHING with the damn game is an insult on it’s on but a lack of Splitscreen is just twisting the knife. I don’t care what any inbred says, it should still be a thing wether you use it or not. And yes, ironic as it may be it seems to be the norm.


That’s my QB :pleading_face:

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It’s not coming home, sorry.

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For anyone who may know, I currently have the ONE S & am looking to buy the Series S.

I have MW2 (physical copy), would I have to buy it digitally in order to be able to play it? Or once I sign in will it be enough?

At the moment I believe you’ll need to buy the digital version as theres no way of validating physical disc copies. MS are looking to change this. I believe they filed a patent last month to start this process but it’ll be a while before it becomes a reality.

I had an issue recently where I had a game disc which wouldn’t boot up. It looked free of scratches but must have been damaged. I couldnt play it through the existing installation data and the MS online store would only prompt me to buy it. I had to buy a new copy.

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Well, that would be convenient if you for whatever reason are looking to play a game on your PC on a given day rather than your console(or vice versa) and own a disc.


Well since I have a local GameStop here, I can just sell the physical copy of the game & sell the ONE S console. That should cover the expense of the digital game then.

However, the progress I already have shouldn’t change right?