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If only I didn’t hate them after the incident of big [european] spider crawling up my leg at a fairly young age.

I was mostly at home for school this week, otherwise just spending my time playing and getting bored of Gears. I never thought I would complain about having a second good/great player I frequently play with but we make so many Escape hives look like a total joke or extremely easy on Master that I can’t even use Blademaster which is probably one of my favorite classes to use in the mode with my preferred playstyle for it(venom bleed melee with Shock Chain) because we keep outrunning the venom like 90% of the time, and I have no interest in a discount Infiltrator or ranged build for it. And Horde feels lacking in replayability, gets boring quickly.

You mean with the Claw or Gnasher card? If you do duo-runs you could always the bring 3 venom cards and Shock Chain /Short Range+ Brawler/Blade Dance and as long as you’re cautios you can deal decent damage outside of Venom as well.

Also, Brawler/ Blade Dancer / Both Range cards and Thrill make Lahni an absolute blast to play in Horde. Anything that can’t fly can be torn to shreds with her, even the Swarmak as long as the Ult is running ( and the cont isn’t standing on a cover piece to elevate himself 2 cm over the floor which somehow is enough to miss him in melee range).

Even Guardians can be hit with the Mace if they fly low enough. 3x Meleedmg in the dailies enhances the fun even more.

“Brothers In Blood” which follows two vets from the Pendulum Wars (an. Onyx Guard and UIR Recruit) and their stories as they intertwine and progress through the Locust Wars into the post V-Day Era.

It introduced a few new characters I made, being Oliver Verr, Antonio Eroe, Franks Grut, Ashlyn Grut, Paul Reedman, Jozef, Christopher Tims, and Theron Champions (like Colonels of the Locust Army).
And some Cannon characters like Loomis, Paduk, Griffin and Prescott appear as well.

Of course I could go into much more detail, or you could just look into it yourself…

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And what I mean is that even if we do a duo run, most of the existing hives are barely even still difficult for us two, and we barely spend any time even in the venom ash stuff so on most of the runs we do, so barely need these buffs for if you spend time in it(and Tactician/“former Keegan” can run back to it for more ammo or just runs a Hammerburst build). Except if at least one of us were to pick some classes not perfectly suited for a specific hive, which usually still doesn’t go too badly either. Sometimes maybe in the second act of something like Labyrinth where you waste some time locking Wardens away the venom might catch up at the end.

Mind you, I’m not talking about the likes of Ice Queen or other ‘harder’ hives. But the majority aren’t that difficult now and since I’m not a junkie for having maxed skills I’ve barely bothered to get the new ones from Op 4/5 leveled.

As for the Horde stuff, I don’t really like the idea of melee characters too much because of the insta executiion garbage that makes no sense, and how stupidly damaging a lot of the enemies are, as well as having to probably put up with “Muh win” hosts who refuse to play without Demos or engineers or what have you and will kick you for playing a “non meta” class… while they themselves have picked a Blademaster and are at a level where they wouldn’t have unlocked Brutal Claw either and didn’t bother telling people that the lobby isn’t actually “All welcome” despite the title saying such. And they wonder why I hate randoms and custom lobby hosts in particular.

Y’all(well, some of you) wanted it so here it is. Try not to be too harsh as this was initially just a random thing that popped into my head with an additional character being in the Condor headed to Pahanu with Mac, Lahni and Keegan that I ended up doing something with while I was unable to sleep.

Also a lot of text ahead.

Name : Kira(gender is not particularly relevant but is female, if you want to know ahead of time)

Rank at the time of Act 1 Chapter 3 in Gears 5 main story : Corporal

First squad designation : Yet to be made up, as well as its individual members(though they don’t play a particularly great role in her background)

Background :
She does not know her own parents, is adopted and raised in Carmine family, has strong relationship to Lizzie, joins the military with Lizzie to stick with her, but goes down different path while keeping in touch later on. Evaluations rate her combat potential highly in both close quarters and ranged combat, fights in Settlement 2 during Swarm attack and eventually gets separated from squad which is presumed killed after getting attacked by a large wave of Swarm as the Flocks started corrupting their DBs and barely making it away from an encounter with a Speaker following her, both having an even fight while the Speaker is both mocking and complimenting of her combat abilities, earning a scar from her own knife used against her, as when the Speaker grabbed her she stabbed one of the its eyes out with it in an attempt to get free, not managing to reach the brain and kill it(lack of arm length and being held on the throat by it is your explanation for failing to kill, if you need one), cutting her on the left cheek(right from front to an outside viewer) with it after knocking her off in reaction to getting stabbed in the head and pulling the knife out.

The Speaker took her helmet off prior by hitting her in the head and picks it up then, looking at it for a second before throwing it away and inflicting the aforementioned scar after remarking that she was just a human as it suspected(inside reference to a different villain leader in a different game) while she was still recovering from getting thrown away and knocked into a wall after the failed attempt to kill it. She gets away when a nearby explosion blows a hole in the building, distracting the Speaker that backed off a bit temporarily, which she uses to get up quickly, shoot a now unstable part of the ceiling of the building off to bring it down, with the Lancer nearby on the ground that was knocked out of her hands before, dropping it on the Swarm and creating a barrier between her and any surviving ones while seeing the Speaker make it away before the remainder of the ceiling comes down.

She then way to reunite with other survivors in the city and follows to where JD and squad are at the end of act 1 by listening in to radio comms, seeing an opportunity to get out of the doomed city, but only makes it there to witness the Hammer destroying the convoy and avoids getting killed by it, then recovers Lizzie’s body after refusing to abandon it to the Swarm, once she realizes that the situation does not allow her to stay there after initially being overwhelmed with having just lost the person closest to her right in front of her eyes without having been able to do anything about it. Insists on having the body preserved in a stasis tank that ensures it does not decompose if it is dead, and in case there is a chance of recovery, despite how small those odds are, spends time being near it and talking to it, even knowing she won’t be heard and not get a response, whenever possible due to having difficulties in coming to terms with the loss. (Whether Clayton would be very happy about this, I haven’t thought of that/don’t know, but her relation to the family besides Lizzie isn’t particularly great.)

Her personality changes to a darker/more grim person whose main motivation is to kill the Swarm for the loss of Lizzie, where the slightly sarcastic/joking personality only occasionally comes through the cover of the ‘darker’, more serious side hiding her loss. Also is unable to forgive JD for getting Lizzie killed even while understanding that the Swarm forced his hand. Leads to a series of incidents resulting in rank demotion(to be detailed if I get to that) and eventually facing risk of court martial and dishonorable discharge due to repeated insubordination and reckless behavior, picked up by Major Mathieson for the Hivebuster program instead and spared a sentence.

Character traits :

Has very little interest in politics or the military, putting her somewhat at odds with other Carmine family members(but not as much as Gary). Not very fond of Jinn’s politics and the fertility program and how it is pushed on families.

Does not like passing through narrow gaps. (No, not because she’s fat, in fact her waist is relatively thin.)

Sometimes gets annoyed at others(be it friends or squad members) making friendly jokes about a certain part of her body, even if knowing they’re not meant badly.

Has very little friends, is often not the most social individual and considers Lizzie the only person very close to her to the point of considering her as a sister even if there is no biological link, due to knowing her since childhood.

Does not share a very good relation to the rest of the Carmine family including Clayton. Relation to Clayton slightly improves after Lizzie dies but still is not great with disagreements remaining between them.

While adopted by the Carmine family, she prefers simply being referred to by her rank or actual name.

Generally dislikes DBs and finds DR-1s and “Shepherd” Peace Makers slightly creepy when they’re around and no Swarm are nearby, or there is no other dire situation at hand, and while accepting of the Guardian and Sentinel, sees little tactical/practical utility for the Trackers in the majority of scenarios and thinks they are just glorified suicide bombs easily taken out from range that only serve as a temporary decoy.

Before Settlement 2, has a positive outlook on life despite her lack of proper ideas what direction to take in life, which in part leads to her joining the COG army with Lizzie. Can appreciate jokes even when as mentioned above, does not always do so, and is sometimes a little sarcastic or ‘bites back’.

After Settlement 2 and the loss of Lizzie, she turns more grim and shares little about her motivations or background to people as a result of the loss and being unable to cope with it properly, partially due to being unwilling to open up about it to others. Still exhibits some sarcasm and joking but not to the same level as Mac.

Is at odds with Jinn due to believing she is not a great military leader and due to her insistence on the usage of DBs over humans while the DBs often fail horribly in most engagements against the Swarm.

Dislikes DBs even more after Settlement 2 definitely proves they are often incapable of taking on Swarm without human support and extremely vulnerable to being shut down and/or hijacked by Flocks and turned against their allies.

She is mostly exempt from the Carmine curse of death but still encounters more close shaves than most individuals, while surviving, due to not being born one, but mostly through skill, perseverance and some luck. The scar inflicted by the Speaker in Settlement 2 is proof of this.

Mainly prefers to wear a helmet while on active duty or out in the field, usually only not wearing it if there is no other possibility or when not on duty.

Likes most animals but hates spiders.

Appearance(this may not be relevant to some but I felt like I wanted to give/have some idea of what the character looks like… now if only I didn’t suck at drawing) :

Blue-greenish eyes, short trimmed black hair(mainly for convenience while wearing a helmet)

Wears regular non-tight pants, though not as baggy as those of male characters

Mainly prefers black clothing overall

White-ish skin, slightly lighter in tone than Lizzie’s

About same height as Lizzie, slightly wider waist than her(not as wide as Kait’s in the Gears 5 Campaign variants)

Wears standard COG blue armor before and during the Swarm assault on Settlement 2

After Settlement 2, has armor painted black rather than blue and without the old COG army skull icon in the armor, partly to symbolize the changes due to the loss. Wears a different, new helmet after losing the first in Settlement 2, also black and having some resemblance to Lizzie’s while remaining different enough to not cause confusion.

Has a slightly deeper voice than Lizzie while still being distinctly more female.

Further details might seem weird to people for a variety of reasons, even if I intend them as a part of how the character is designed, so those will not be stated here unless assured I won’t be judged.

Things I haven’t figured out yet is stuff like the exact look for the armor(s), helmet(s) and the like, as well as the details for interactions with Scorpio(to some degree, I only really thought about the Condor scene and some parts of right after the crash).


This tastes exactly like red rock deli salt and vinegar chips.

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You love your potatoes mate. Me and Wifey are going vegetarian for a week or two starting tomorrow.

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@GhostofDelta2 - Hullo BANANA HAMMOCK!!


No more apple juice for you. young man :wink:

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Yeah if by apple juice you mean beer :disappointed:

But er… beer isn’t made with anything animal related? At least I was under that impression, not that I’m in the know when it comes to those drinks.

Maybe people haven’t bothered reading it or din’t have much to say but I was curious about opinions on my above idea at its current stage…

Beer isn’t. Most clear apple juice is though.


I should of elaborate more on that. I’m having a couple of weeks of detox. It’s been a couple months of indulgence prior to Xmas and New year with too much eating and drinking, so having a little break from it.


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Vegan, and I didn’t eat this, it was for the wife.


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Boi, I had fake tuna months ago. Smelt just as bad as the original.