Off topic banter

Your a better DEV than TC

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Well now I wouldn’t go that far.

But I may fill out a resume, just in case.

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Make sure you tell’em you make mean dip.

Not as good as Vegemite of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll whip up a batch of spinach dip, walk in that office with some big ■■■■ energy, slap that dip down on the interviewers desk, and say “That’s my resume. I’ll start on Monday.” Then exit.

He’ll think he’s definitely not hiring me, but then he’ll try that dip, teardrops will appear in his eyes, and then I’ll be negotiating my salary and demanding a company vehicle.

That’s my plan. I’m sticking to it.

Wait. We should probably be talking about this in the thread I made. Shouldn’t we? Lmao

But no. My spinach dip is far superior to any vegemite in question. Period.

:thinking: Crap! Another thread derailed by @SPARGELKOHL and @PIZDETS79B

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Do you think @GhostofDelta2 will be mad at us?

Should we just delete all of the evidence? Like we were never here?

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We should and we should learn from our mistakes…but at 41 I’m still a naughty child :joy:

Also if you STOP TAGING HIM! That might work.

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@GhostofDelta2 has banished us to the shadow realm!


I did previously have a thread called The Shadow Realm, it was in the mod only section so it did function that way.

People could see posts sent there but not view them :stuck_out_tongue:

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The shame that im experience is unbearable :frowning:

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Well what is this then? Purgatory?

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This is where dikheads go so they don’t pollute threads lol

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You know what. That’s fair. I’m proud to say I went a whole 2 days of only posting random ■■■■ in the thread I made.

That’s progress!

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Your a better man than me :disappointed:

Now now, we aren’t measuring who the better man is.

I believe we are all equals in most every way.

We’re even equal to those who don’t derail every other thread they comment in.

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Derailing threads is just what we do man. Can’t change that.

I’m 20, so does that mean I get a pass for now? Maybe ghost won’t tie me down and spoon vegemite down my throat?

You should be so lucky being spoon fed Vegemite by that Aussie Fabio!

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He beat as to it!


I think it’s only right that we stop though… we don’t need 100 off topic posts in this thread like we did the last hahaha

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