%% of hits during Multiplayer

I can’t be the only one that noticed the % of damage that is done with your shots in multiplayer…

How can you do 60% and more, but the enemy still turns around and kills you? 97%, yet, I end up dead, I don’t understand it, please tell me I’m not by myself in this…

Also, I have been face to face with an enemy, point blank with my gnasher, and NEVER HIT THEM?! HOW?! It’s like the rounds go right through them, it makes NO sense…


Yes. I been seeing these ghost bullets tht never leave the barrel and i know dam well. They should have been hit with at the very least half my spread.
Agian. Ive been seein it A LOT MORE.
AND IT.ISN’T THE PING. WHEN it happens the ping imo is within range
Lower than 70 ms to my 20 to 30 ms

Thts a big difference imo also. But wht can you do. The population is dead and nothing but south American players.
It has to be their 3 rd world country internet

Something is going on.


ping 70+ has a hidden Gnasher damage bonus
and 30% more bullet magnetism
try moving to a better location to gain these benefits



so your saying if your under 30 ping against anyone 3o and above they win in a same distance same shot 1v1 one?

thats crazy. I have seen where i shot 1st on and up A and they get a one shot kill and it show now damage from me.

Absolutely true! But it’s not only the 70+ ping, when I got 16 ping VS a 35 ping its the same problem, same with 5 ping… Even in ranked on dedicated servers… Lag compensation act differently with ping fluctuation… Right now Europe servers are full of 70 + ping… I never saw that before operation 4…

That’s what the community called Netcode, which is disgusting in Gears and we have been waiting for a reply from TC for more than 6 months.

Watch this video:

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