Odds of being placed on Swarm

Seriously, theres a 9 out of 10 chance of playing as cog instead of swarm, trying to get 25 swarm wins is pretty beep annoying and is irritating me beyond belief, and when i do get swarm its late games losing with no hope of winning, literally joined a match as swarm, playing dodgeball with cog 4 out of 5 wins, 5th game already started, wouldnt let me in, left, joined 4 more as cog and said screw it and left all those, finally get another late swarm match but won, then given cog 3 more times before finally making this rant, Coalitions team building is god tier trash and im sick of playing 30 matches, only gettimg swarm, like 4 times, joining 2 hopeless late games, winning one and losing the other, does anyone else have this problem with constantly being placed on COG or Swarm and never given enough chances as the other team

I completed this Medal easily on Arcade Quickplay. You’ll have to join and leave games until you land on Swarm team, then easy win if you’re decent at Versus. It’s more likely you’ll start next match as Swarm too. But annoying if it switches you to COG.

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Update, just joined a game of Team Deathmatch as Swarm, COG has 1 victory, my team has 1 guy left alive, enemy team has 8 extra lives to spare, is this some torture method, the beep did i do to you people to deserve this

This is funny because I am the opposite of you. I have only been able to complete the Swarm side since that is what the game wants me to play as. Im only 6 wins away from completing the COG side but the game just doesnt want me to play as them.

At least for COG, VS AI will guarantee it. Don’t understand why I can’t play Swarm in AI.

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You have a 50/50 chance