Odd question about blueprint of Horde maps

The other day when Ephyra was the daily, I noticed that when the map was loading, it’s in color.
I think all other maps are black and white.
Has anyone else noticed?

It’s not just Ephyra. The colors you see is mostly there to indicate the side which a team will spawn on in versus. These colors don’t appear on older ported maps from Gears 4. They also don’t appear on all maps like Icebound where the background is entirely blue or Vasgar where the map is entirely red for aesthetics.


Got it! Thanks. This is the first time I noticed and was curious as to why it’s not the same for all the maps.

Honestly I think it’s just artistic choice. The overhead maps for the tile maps in Horde are lazily just the raw editor tile icons, but the ones unique to Versus they actually bothered to fill in some texture, so it could’ve been done.

And I personally wouldn’t say they’re mostly black and white. I see muted colors in a lot of them. I also don’t think it’s just G4-ported vs. not, like Clocktower:

To me, most overhead maps look like they’re using hints of or the actual textures found in those locations (which as SH00BiE D00 notes are intentionally designed to make red Locust and blue COG spawns visually distinct so it’s easier to recognize where you are on the map). It’s just often with the saturation turned way down and contrast turned up.

From a usability standpoint, monochrome almost certainly makes the outlines/boundaries (and player icons) easier to see in this smaller format than busy, colorful splotches.

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